The new set is here, and it’s time to look at what has come out of the Innistrad block. I’ve decided to write a list of ten MTG Elf cards from the set, along with a brief explanation as to why I think they are the best. One of these cards may surprise you, and one is sure to make you angry.

The Elf preconstructed deck is one of the most popular preconstructed decks on MTG Online. So today we decided to rank the top ten best Magic the Gathering preconstructed decks.

10 Best MTG Elf Cards (2024 Edition)

Looking for a simple theme to build your patio around? Tribal decks are among the easiest decks to make, as their idea is simple for beginners: Add as many cards as possible that support a specific creature type.

Elves are one of the most populated tribes in the game. So it’s relatively easy to put together a deck with elves, and it’s often pretty powerful.

We have already created a message for the best eleven commanders . In this guide, we’re going to look at the best Elf cards from MTG in general that you can use as inspiration for your next Elf deck.

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What do the elves look like in Magic: the Gathering?

Have you seen fantasy movies, read fantasy novels, or played fantasy board games like Dungeons and Dragons? If so, you already have an idea of what elves look like in the Magic: the Gathering universe.

We won’t go into the details of what’s behind them or what they look like. Instead, we will discuss their general operation in the game.

Elves in Magic: the Gathering use an overwhelming amount of green mana. You can find elves in almost any color, but green is the most common.

As far as mechanisms go, elves generally do different things: Generate tokens or generate mana. Some elves even improve the feats of other elves, making the mighty elf army even stronger.

Top cards MTG Eleven

Allosaurus Shepherd

10 Best MTG Elf Cards (2024 Edition)

Allosaurus Shepherd was on our list of the best green creatures in MTG, , and for good reason. It’s a good card in general – not just for elves, although it’s good for elves too.

First of all, no one can compete with him. He then ensures that none of your other green spells – to which elves are vulnerable – can be parried.

As a cherry on top of a superpowered cake, you can turn any elf on your battlefield into a 5/5 elf dinosaur. Since elves generally have low strength and stamina, this means you’ll probably be giving them a much-needed boost. Allosaurus Shepherd is a strong finishing card.

Oracle Mul Daya

10 Best MTG Elf Cards (2024 Edition)

One thing Elves are known for in the game is ramping, or building up a large mana reserve. If you have an advantage over your opponents in mana production, you can cast your most expensive spells for them.

Oracle Mule Daiya can help you with that. It allows you to play an extra space per turn – so two spaces per turn, which is probably twice as much as your opponents can do.

You may also play with the top open card of your library. It lets you see what’s coming, it’s like having an extra card in your hand.

Flowers tenderness

10 Best MTG Elf Cards (2024 Edition)

Bloom Tender is another great disaster card. It only costs two mana, so you can probably put it on the battlefield as early as your second turn. In some situations, you can even take him out in the first round, giving you an edge.

When Bloom Tender enters the battlefield, you can divert one mana from each color of your controlled permanents. It’s nothing more than what players affectionately call a mana chump, or a creature you can bind mana to so that it’s unlikely you’ll want to use it to attack or block.

However, don’t forget that getting mana before others is a serious advantage. Bloom Tender helps you cast better spells faster.

Fauna Shaman

10 Best MTG Elf Cards (2024 Edition)

It can be frustrating to have useless cards in your hand. Magic players everywhere know what it’s like to draw something useless the moment you draw it, especially when you’re under pressure to draw a solution to a threat.

Fauna Shaman can help you turn your hand into something more useful. You can pay green mana and tap on it to discard a creature card, and then search your library for a specific creature to put in your hand.

In other words, you can scour the battlefield for the perfect solution to a threat, rather than hoping to stumble upon something useful.

Shaman of the Throne of Death

10 Best MTG Elf Cards (2024 Edition)

If you need a utility, Death Shaman is exactly what you need. First, it’s incredibly cheap to look at: You can get it for one green or black mana.

When he finally gets to the battlefield, he can do three different things for you, but they all have to do with banishing something from the graveyard. Remove a land to gain mana of any color, remove an instant or sorcerous action to take one or two lives from your opponent, or remove a creature to gain lives.

Even better, the Deathrite Shaman text doesn’t indicate which graveyard it comes from. This means that you can banish items from your opponent’s graveyard at will.

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Priest of Titania

10 Best MTG Elf Cards (2024 Edition)

If you want too crazy a tempo, consider adding Titania’s Priest to your deck. Elves are perfect for making elf tokens. And even if you don’t have many Elf tokens, you can usually cast Elves for a relatively low mana cost, so you can still get tons of them on the battlefield.

With Priest of Titania, you can take advantage of a large number of elves. You can tap it to add green mana to your supply for each elf on the battlefield. The amazing thing is that this doesn’t just apply to your elves, but to all elves on the battlefield.

This means that if you have a friend who you know will play an Elf deck, Priest of Titania will be even more effective against them.

Elven Arch Knight

10 Best MTG Elf Cards (2024 Edition)

Do you have many elves on the battlefield? So you want an elf archdruid under your command. The Elven Archidruid gives all your elves a nice +1/+1.

It also increases your mana reserve. Play the Elven Archdruid to add green mana to your pool for each elf you have. It is like a one-sided priest of Titania.

Imperial Excellence

10 Best MTG Elf Cards (2024 Edition)

Almost every Elf Tribal deck should contain Imperious Perfect. It strengthens each of your elves and gives them a +1/+1 counter.

But that’s not all she does. Not only does it make them stronger than the elves you already have, but it creates even more elves for you with its second ability. Combined with the other elves in this list that boost your elves, you can see how quickly the elf attack becomes effective.

Norwood Priestess

Unfortunately, the Norwood Priestess is not easy to find these days and we were unable to find a link to it. But if you can get your hands on it, it’s perfect for any deck with big, expensive creatures.

By using Priestess of Norwood, you effectively bypass the otherwise restrictive mana cost. Allows you to put a green creature you own onto the battlefield once per turn without paying the mana cost.

Elves are generally cheap in terms of mana, so we don’t know if we can recommend it for an elf deck. But for any deck with big green creatures, it will be a real asset.

Druidic Space Circle

10 Best MTG Elf Cards (2024 Edition)

Circle of Dreams Druid is not currently available as it is from a set that is not currently for sale. We look forward to the release of this model, as we believe it will retain its value over the long term.

Basically, it’s a cradle of the gay on legs. Unlike the other elves in this list, he doesn’t give you green mana for every elf you control – he overcomes that limitation by giving green mana for all creatures you control.

The biggest weakness here is that it costs three green mana to cast. In multi-colored games, this can be a rather binding cost.

General questions about elves in MTG

What are the best elf cards for Commander?

What makes an Elf card good for Commander/EDH depends on the strategy you hope to use. If you z. For example, if you’re playing an elf tribe, you should consider buying elves that give +1/+1 counters to all other elves, like B. Elven Arch Knight.

Elves are also fantastic for the slope. Adding cards like Priest or Titania will probably give you a lot of green mana. However, it is most effective in elf-centric decks, as it generates mana for every elf on the battlefield.

If your deck isn’t specifically focused on Elves, you might consider adding something like Circle of Dreams Druid or Priestess of Norwood. No matter if you use other elves or not, these cards give you mana for your creatures or allow you to put large creatures on the battlefield.

What is the best elf planeswalker?

10 Best MTG Elf Cards (2024 Edition)

Planeswalkers are not creature cards, so technically they are not elves. But in terms of their art and the tradition that surrounds them, they could be elves.

With this in mind, we define an elven planeswalker as a planeswalker card that specifically benefits elves. In our opinion, the best is the Nissa Revane, pictured above.

She has two different +1 loyalty skills. One of them allows you to find the Chosen of Nyssa, a specific card, and place it on the battlefield. With the other, you gain one life for each elf that is released.

But the biggest disappointment is the final capacity. If you can reach it, you can set it to -7 to put as many Elves from your library onto the battlefield as you want, without paying their mana cost.

Ending in

Elves are consistently one of the strongest tribes in Magic: the Gathering. They are both numerous and strong, giving you an advantage in numbers and speed.

Fortunately, elves aren’t the only way to increase mana. If you need help getting a more stable mana pool, consider adding some of these -Mana- pieces to your deck.

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