When many of us think of standing desks, we picture a motorized desk that slowly raises and lowers to allow us to stand while working. This can be a great way to save space, but it can also be a major pain in the butt. MAIDeSITe has come to the rescue with the SIT-MAX, a standing desk that adjusts to your height, making it the perfect device for working from a standing position.

Standing desks are quickly becoming the new norm in today’s workplace, as they are a healthier alternative to sitting at a desk all day long. If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a standing desk, we’ve curated a few of the best options out there and put them to the test.

MAIDeSITe Standing Desk Review |

MAIDeSITe offers a solid selection of desks for standing work. You can choose desks with one or two motors. And if you want a more ergonomic workspace, you can choose a table top with a curved edge.

In this article, we’ll look at a two-stage twin engine with a 48-inch worktable.

Sturdy and solid frame

This is perhaps the advantage of MAIDeSITe. The entire frame of the table is very robust and stable. Whether you choose just the frame or just the countertop, you won’t be disappointed with the construction.

MAIDeSITe Standing Desk Review |

We are also happy with the way the framework came to us. It was well packed and covered with thick foam and cardboard around the edges. This provides better protection for the table during transport.

You can also expect the frame to be heavy. It has an impressive weight. The weight, or most of the weight, rests on the legs. And oh boy, it’s a solid frame. You know us, we think heaviness is a good sign of a good, solid standing desk.

We also like that the feet are sealed from the inside. This prevents dirt from entering, and accumulated dirt can eventually affect the transient response of the frame. So it’s a nice, thoughtful addition to the brand.

We also noticed that there are thick rubber seals between the frame and the countertop. This also protects the underside of the worktop from scratches. It also provides additional stability and allows the table top and frame to form one unit. This also reduces noise and vibration during table transitions.

While not the quietest table, it can still make a slight mechanical noise during transitions. But it’s not so upsetting that you stop working. We were therefore satisfied with the assembly and construction of this table.

It easily accommodates 2 to 3 monitors, a laptop and a few other devices. It can make you happy and satisfied, in terms of space and stability. And the advertised load capacity of 80 kg is true, it is not inflated. We had no problem getting the most out of the table.

The frame transitions are also very smooth, with no interstices or hiccups. You can maximize the load capacity and the frames have no trouble lifting the table.

All the pieces are well done, nothing is spared. And we had no problems with the installation. We were able to assemble the table in less than 30 minutes. The installation process went smoothly. All the pieces came together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. There were no staggered holes. Therefore, even inexperienced people can perform the installation without any problems. You may need a little help as the table is quite heavy.

Adjustable table legs

The table is also practical and very handy if you have an uneven floor. It is equipped with adjustable feet to align the table. If you don’t have a flat surface to put it on, this will take the pressure off. The adjustable feet also provide extra stability for the entire table.

Smooth silicone control panel

Let’s take a quick look at the control panel. There’s nothing flashy, it’s pretty basic, but it’s clean. It is made of soft silicone and feels comfortable. So you can expect the control panel to be pretty responsive. And the use of silicone materials for the control panel is unique.

Not to mention that the keys are comfortable to press. It’s like pressing bubble wrap. In fact, we’re addicted to pushing it haha. Again: As simple as it may seem, it is a unique and beautiful addition to a standing desk.

Some things could be better

  1. As we have already mentioned, this table is quite stable. The frame of the table is entirely made of steel, with the exception of one detail. We discovered that the rod connecting the other leg to the motor is plastic.
  2. While we haven’t had any problems with it yet, we can’t say if this piece will last as long as the other parts of the table. Since it is made of plastic, it can wear out faster than other parts of the frame. Only time will tell.
  3. The frame passes quickly and stops smoothly. But on closer inspection, we saw that the part with the motor and control panel moves first and then the other side. However, it is not perceptible except to those with a trained eye.
  4. This bar table comes with wire ties. But we found it a bit cluttered, and if you have a busier workspace, you see your cables and wires hanging everywhere. So we bought a separate cable duct and placed it under the table. Threaded and soft ties are our favorites! As a result, this agency is a bit disorganized in this area. However, if you do not want to buy a cable tray, we recommend you to buy more adhesive clips and cable ties. And oh, your ability to neatly lay cables and wires without having to store them will come in handy.

General information on MAIDeSITeHigh table

  1. This standing desk is very, very stable and durable. We are confident that it will stand the test of time. He looks professional. We liked everything about the area. From the transition, to the motor, to the entire table configuration. Well, except for that little plastic thing we talked about above.
  2. The control panel is a simple but well thought-out addition to the standing desk. Besides the unique silicone material, it is very attractive with clear height indicators and illuminated buttons. And the soft touch is addictive when you press it. It also has a USB port for charging, adding to the convenience and functionality of this standing desk.
  3. The standing desk is quite large (48 inches) and accommodates a somewhat bulky work surface. However, if you need a larger workspace, you can opt for a desktop with a 55-inch screen. This model also has a more ergonomic table with a curved leading edge, making it more comfortable for your wrist.
  4. The brand offers a very generous 10-year warranty on its frames. This increases our confidence in the brand.
  5. The anti-collision features of this desk are very sensitive. It stops automatically, even if there is little resistance. So it’s very safe if you have children with you.
  6. It also includes a reminder not to sit for too long. So if you sit too long, which is good for you, you can program your desk so that it reminds you to get out of your chair. This feature is almost identical to that of some of Flexispot’s high tables.
  7. While it’s not the quietest table, we found the transition between the two to be quite smooth. And we don’t think most people will be bothered by slight mechanical turbulence, unless you’re very sensitive to the slightest noise.
  8. You can see at a glance that this is a sustainable material. Even from a distance it looks thick, solid and sturdy. This distinguishes this table from the full-sized Jarvis or Uplift standing table. The legs are very thick.
  9. The shipping and packaging was very good. All parts of the frame are marked and individually packed. The frame and top of the table are covered with a thick foam rubber to protect them when delivered. And it came quickly. Recommended for those who urgently need a standing desk.
  10. In addition, the transparent packaging allows for quick installation. The instructions were clear and simple. There are also many tutorials on YouTube if you want more visual instructions.


The MAIDeSITe standing desk has received two thumbs up from us when it comes to stability and durability. The table top and frame are very strong, stable, look professional and also last longer. The durability of the table is almost reminiscent of an iMovR table. This way you will not regret your purchase and you will get more out of your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best standing desk?

The best standing desk is the one that works for you.

Is it bad to use a standing desk all day?

No, it is not bad to use a standing desk all day.

Why standing desks are overrated?

Standing desks are overrated because they don’t help you to be more productive. They can actually make you less productive because it’s harder to focus on your work when you’re standing up.

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