Recently, I have been looking for a better room for storing things. I have accumulated a lot of files over the years, but could not find a good place to store them. My problem was that the room I was storing them in was too small for the number of files I had. I was looking for a file cabinet or cabinet to store the files.

Get your home office up to date with the latest Devaise File Cabinets. These cabinets are perfect for organizing your files. They are made to store all your important documents. The cabinets are made of quality wood which is eco-friendly. They are very durable and will not break if you drop them. They are very easy to clean.

You can upgrade your office or room with Devaise file cabinets. They are light, stylish, compact, sturdy and their sizes are easy to fit into any design. The company has warehouses in Spain and Italy so obtaining one of these best selling products is quick and easy.


Devaise is a file cabinet that has the potential to provide additional muscle. Despite the fact that China-made goods have a bad image, we were astonished to learn that they may have additional advantages.

Considerable of the brand’s file cabinets have some weight to them, even if they are not in the premium category. As a result, it may be an excellent fit for your home office. Let’s have a look now, shall we? We’ll also go over a few Devaise file cabinets that you may be interested in.

The company makes a variety of various kinds of furniture and gaming workstations. It is well known for its file cabinet collection. The company’s main goal is to provide practical home and workplace furniture. At the same time, their products and models are meticulously designed. Some are also long-lasting.

Slim 3 drawer cabinet by Devaise – Ideal for small papers

Review Devaise File Cabinets –Take a Look For a Better RoomLook at the pricing.

This file cabinet is small and elegant, and it can easily fit under your desk. It’s a simple and practical way to keep your essential files close to your workstation. This file cabinet will offer you quick access to your papers if you require a productive workplace.Review Devaise File Cabinets –Take a Look For a Better Room

It offers two storage options. The first compartment has a stationary tray for pens, pencils, and other small items. However, you may easily remove the tray and utilize it to hold more files. Letter-size papers and A 4-size folders may be stored in the two drawers.

This cabinet also has locks, allowing you to store more important documents securely. It also won’t topple over since you won’t be able to open two drawers at the same time.

It has a sleek and well-made design. This cabinet is very substantial and seems to be nicely constructed. We also like how the edges are closed. As a result, gnawing at your documents and files will be impossible.

The drawers can also be pulled all the way out, allowing you to keep additional files in the rear while still having easy access to them. It has a tight fit and is extremely simple to open. It also has hanging rails. However, depending on the kind of folder (traditional or legal), you may need to reload or install a new one.

The disadvantage is that you won’t be able to store your data horizontally since it’s 2 inches short. You may only store your files lengthwise in this filing cabinet. As a result, this may be a major source of worry for some.

Overall, the height of this Devaise cabinet is ideal for use beneath your desk. It may also be utilized in your living room to store some of your more valuable items. This file cabinet isn’t only attractive; it’s also very sturdy. That’s why it was able to keep its shape throughout transportation.


  • Key Interlocking System
  • Two keys are included.
  • One stationary tray and two utility drawers
  • Alloy steel construction
  • 38.6 pound weight
  • 1 hanging-file drawer with a detachable hanging bar is included.
  • File folders in legal and A4 sizes are compatible.
  • There are 5 caster heels.
  • 330 pound maximum capacity
  • Dimensions: 11.8′′W x 17.7′′D x 23.2′′H

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet Is ideal for people that need more storage.

Review Devaise File Cabinets –Take a Look For a Better RoomHere’s how much it costs.

Let’s take it a step farther. If you find the number one Devaise file cabinet to be too tiny for your files and other items, go ahead and get one. This brand’s mobile 3 drawer wood cabinet may be ideal for you. Review Devaise File Cabinets –Take a Look For a Better Room

This type not only has three drawers, but it also has two open storage areas opposite the drawers. It also features a very large top area where you can store your printer and other items.

It has two tiny drawers on the top and a bigger drawer on the bottom. As a result, you’ll have extra room to save your big papers and files.

And although this may be very large, we found it to be quite simple to put together. We like the cabinet’s overall appearance. However, upon closer inspection, the particleboard or MDF substance seems to be very thin. Despite the fact that the cabinet can contain a printer, we do not suggest overloading it due to the thin MDF construction and the reduced weight limit of 150 pounds.

It has the potential to endure a long period in terms of durability. However, it will serve for low to medium-duty applications. However, when it comes to storage, this Devaise cabinet will provide more than enough space.

It’s also quite adaptable, since it may be utilized as a bedside cabinet. Overall, this is a good-sized drawer with plenty of storage space. Despite the fact that the material isn’t the most robust, the pricing is reasonable.


  • 56.45 pound weight
  • Particle wood and MDF were used to create this piece.
  • 150 pound weight capacity
  • The vehicle has four wheels.
  • 32′′W x 16′′D x 26′′H × 32′′W x 16′′D x 32′′H x 32′′W x 16′′

DEVAISE Lateral File Cabinet with One Large Drawer – The best lateral file cabinet with additional storage options.

Review Devaise File Cabinets –Take a Look For a Better RoomLook at the pricing.

This lateral file cabinet can accommodate you if our number two choices are still short in storage capacity. It features four extra storage places in addition to the three it already has. The open storage areas are at the top of the stairs. It also includes a larger locked drawer at the bottom for filing larger documents. Review Devaise File Cabinets –Take a Look For a Better Room

It also includes a place on top, similar to the Devaise cabinet number 2, where you may store more office supplies. However, this one has a greater weight capacity, allowing you to store more.

This is also a stunning filing cabinet. It even seems to be too beautiful to be restricted to your home office. It will also make a beautiful living room centerpiece. So, despite the fact that it just has one huge drawer, it’ll do if you don’t need to classify your larger files and only need a large, deep drawer to store them. The drawer is also very deep, measuring 9.4 inches.

The disadvantage is that it is difficult to set up. Though the instructions are simpler to understand than an IKEA handbook, they are not the simplest. This heavy lateral file cabinet may need more than two hands to put it. Some even said that you have to truly like DIY projects to find the assembly enjoyable and simple.

Overall, this is a substantial lateral file cabinet with plenty of open storage. All of the materials utilized have a luxury appearance and feel to them.


  • The finish is cherry.
  •  Two adjustable rails on the bottom cabinet
  • Letter, legal, and A4 size files are all acceptable.
  • There is one big cabinet and four open storage areas.
  • Made of scratch-resistant and environmentally friendly wood
  • 29.5 x 15.7 x 30.7 inches

The finest heavy duty 2 drawer file cabinet is the DEVAISE 2 drawer mobile file cabinet.

Review Devaise File Cabinets –Take a Look For a Better RoomCheck the cost

Nowadays, mobile cabinets are commonplace. It’s not only stylish and small, but it’s also extremely portable. If you’re changing rooms, you won’t have to lug around a large, heavy cabinet. Review Devaise File Cabinets –Take a Look For a Better Room

The Devaise 3 drawer mobile file cabinet, as previously said, fits well under your desk. The unit’s sleek and small design is particularly pleasing to the eye.

However, if you need a smaller file cabinet, this 2 drawer mobile cabinet is ideal. It has the same appearance as our most popular Devaise cabinet, with the exception that it only has two drawers instead of three. It also features a single lock that locks both drawers.

This device may be tiny and compact, yet it can carry up to 200 pounds. The two drawers are very large and may be fully opened. Oh, and like the first Devaise cabinet, this one has five wheels. This is what distinguishes this model from the rest of the brand’s cabinets. This distinguishes them from the competition. The fifth wheel keeps the cabinet from tipping over.

This device also seems to be well-made and sturdy. The edges are likewise sealed, preventing insects, particularly cockroaches, from entering. This cabinet may also have a high price tag.


  • 42.51 pound weight
  •  2 file cabinets
  • Letter, legal, and A4 sizes are all supported.
  • Hanging folders are included.
  • 200 pound weight capacity
  • It has five caster wheels.
  • Dimensions: 15.4′′W x 18.9′′D x 26.6′′H
  • Made of steel

Devaise file cabinets: what we think

Devaise cabinets seem to be very durable. Lorell cabinets were previously evaluated, and we found that they had a lot of delivery issues. And given Lorell’s not-so-sturdy construction, it’s sure to get a few dings and dents along the road. Although, with improved shipping services, the incidences may be reduced.

Review Devaise File Cabinets –Take a Look For a Better Room

On the other hand, Devaise file cabinets are more robust and strong. These pieces seem to hold up well throughout shipping, and ours arrived with no damages. In addition, the business produces a variety of file cabinets and provides additional choices. Metal file cabinets and open storage filing cabinets are also options. Some versions are very attractive and may serve as a focus point in the living area.

It’s a combination of factors when it comes to the pricing. There are low-cost Devaise file cabinets as well as high-cost Devaise file cabinets. As a result, the brand offers one apple for everyone.

Recently, I purchased a new piece of furniture to use in my office. I am very picky about the furniture I use, so I did some research on what would be best for my office. After some time, I found Devaise file cabinets, which are very sturdy, attractive, and affordable. They are made of strong steel, which allows them to withstand the wear and tear that comes with frequent use. They are also very easy to assemble, which makes them very convenient to store away when they are not in use. I definitely recommend Devaise file cabinets if you are looking for something to store all of your important documents in.. Read more about modern filing cabinet and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make filing cabinets look good?

You should use a filing cabinet that is made of metal or wood. If you want to make your filing cabinets look good, you should paint them in a color that matches the rest of your office.

What are the best quality filing cabinets?

The best quality filing cabinets are those that have a lock on them.

What should I look for when buying a filing cabinet?

When buying a filing cabinet, you should look for the following features: -The number of drawers in the cabinet -The size of each drawer -The weight capacity of the cabinet -Whether or not it has wheels

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