Comfortable, effective, and mobile, the TOPSKY standing desk frame is a great way to bring home from the office the health benefits of standing while working. And because it was designed to be very user-friendly, it’s also very easy to assemble, carry, or store when you’re done for the day.

The TOPSKY standing desk frame is a simple but stylish frame that provides a stable base for your standing desk, while also providing extra storage in the form of a letter shelf.

The TOPSKY frame allows you to store an adjustable monitor stand, with the integrated cord management system, a large letter shelf, and a library of all your favorite books and magazines in a modern and stylish frame. The frame also comes in an espresso color, which looks great.

TOPSKY is one of the most affordable motorized frames you can find on the market. That’s why it’s so popular now and selling like hot cakes. If lots of people buy it, is it good? But we don’t want to just jump on the waves, so we decided to test the table ourselves.

Is there anything in this generic framework?

The TOPSKY frame is very versatile. It is even called an electric height adjustable table stand. Often only the frame is bought. And we don’t think he has any offices to sell. This table frame is therefore a twin motor frame. The payload is 225 pounds. We tried to use the weight limit of the table and it held up pretty well. However, if these limits are exceeded, an error code will appear on the control panel.

This lets you know when you have exceeded your maximum weight. It rested on a flat wooden surface. And we’ve heard good things about how the table holds up, even on carpet. So we tried it out and are happy to report that it works just as well as it does on wood floors. There were no problems with wobbling, even on a thick pile carpet. Therefore, it is quite robust and stable. This is the second item on our list.

We also can’t be satisfied with the engine’s running characteristics. It starts and stops whenever you want and need it. We found no unnecessary or unacceptable interruptions or stoppages. It’s fluid and the transitions are good. In fact, we didn’t expect a smooth transition with the table frame in its price range.

Adjustable height and width

TOPSKY Standing Desk Frame Review

One of our favorite features of the TOPSKY desk frame is that you can also adjust the width of the desk. So if you need more workspace, you can expand the frame to 59 inches. This is the maximum width of the TOPSKY frame. And it’s an expensive area to work in. So we were very happy.

Very easy installation and excellent packaging

One of the reasons the assembly was so easy is that all the screw holes are aligned. The screw holes were well threaded. So all you have to do is loop everything. It looks good for the price. The screws can even be applied by hand. It was so easy to set up. The table frame is very easy to make.

You should be able to complete the configuration within an hour. You can add a few more if you want to equip it with a large and heavy desk. But the instructions are clear and simple. But we should mention that it comes with an illustrated manual. Therefore, the accessories and screws should be matched to the parts.

It’s pretty easy to understand, especially if you’re a visual person, which most of us are. You can also adjust it yourself. Otherwise, you can find several how-to videos on YouTube. But while the installation is easy and all you need is an Allen key (which is also in the box), you will still need a drill.

For what? It is necessary to attach the table top to the table supports. We are very satisfied with the arrival of the package. The weight is not too heavy and not too light, it’s somewhere in the middle. All screws and accessories were packaged separately. Each copy was also protected with cellophane.

This way you can be sure that nothing will be damaged. There were even mini wooden inserts to separate the pieces. And there’s a lot of Styrofoam in the box. This way nothing is creased or scratched during transport. That’s why it’s a big check for the packaging.

What we didn’t like

  1. A cable management system or better cable management system could be used. Especially if you have a large desk, it looks very cluttered and messy. Of course, you can also use cable ties and other tools to connect the wires. But a cable tray makes the work area clearer and more tidy. You can also attach the power cord to the underside of the table to make dangling cords look better.
  2. The control panel looks good, not too cheap. But we don’t like the smell of it. It has a strong chemical smell of plastic. So when you touch the button, you can transfer the scent to your hands. The strong smell of plastic can make a small enclosed space unpleasant. It is best to put this table in a well-ventilated area until the strong chemical smell has disappeared. And it’s not fast.


  1. The control panel seems simple enough. It can be set in 3 positions. It can reach a height of 47 inches. Therefore, it will be comfortable for a 1.80 m person. This is not the best place for tall people. But this will suffice for those who are a little fat.
  2. It’s not the fastest motorized standing frame, but it’s not the slowest either. The transitions are smooth and don’t even make much noise. It takes less than 30 seconds to move the table from maximum to minimum height.
  3. When the table is moved, a slight mechanical hum is heard. If you are sensitive to this, you should consider it when buying a TOPSKY desk frame.
  4. With its affordable price, it also comes with collision protection. So it can be safe for pets and children. And for a frugal frame, it’s nice to see safety features like this.
  5. You also get an extra screw for each part. So that’s another plus. If you lose or misplace a screw, you can still complete the installation. It’s a nice addition to the brands, it’s also a kind of grooming.
  6. The table frame can be made to order. This means you can change the width of the table. So if you need a larger table in the future or need to upgrade to a smaller table, you can easily do so with the TOPSKY table frame. And you should choose your own office. And because you’re only buying the countertop, it costs less than a new standing desk.
  7. This table frame is suitable for people up to 1.80 m tall. However, if you are taller than 160 cm, it will not be comfortable for you. This is not a standing desk for tall users.
  8. The frame is quite robust, stable and reliable. Even at the highest table height, there is no hesitation. And it remains stable even on a carpeted floor.
  9. Compared to the VIVO standing desk set, this purchase is more affordable. It is more stable, there is less noise, and the transition is faster and better. While we don’t particularly like TOPSKY’s cable management, it can hide wires and cables better than VIVO.
  10. It is also easier to use than VIVO. VIVO has a sleep mode. So if you want to change the height of the table, you have to click on it first to wake it up, and then click on it for a while to change the height of the table. And because the TOPSKY table frame has no standby mode, you can change the height at the touch of a button.
  11. All the metal parts were well made. Nothing looks cheap or fragile. In addition, the metal parts were nicely painted black or white. The paint itself is quite thick, it doesn’t scratch or flake easily. So you can be sure that the table frame will stay like new for a long time.
  12. This is a frame for a standing desk that looks and functions better than the price you paid for it. So it’s a safe bet for your money.

Where to buy

Concluding remarks

It is a solid and durable frame that will not ruin your budget. It is ideal for those looking for a less expensive, but sturdy and stable frame. The more robust bar tables can be expensive.

Many people just buy the frame and use an old table they have at home. While this is a good alternative, it will be difficult to fit a larger table into a standing desk set. And TOPSKY fits almost any desktop computer because you can adjust the width of the frame yourself.

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