Did you know traffic jams kill over 100 hours of your time each year? What’s more intriguing is the economic losses in New York have hit a whopping $11 billion merely because of traffic congestion. In comparison, the least financial loss is $3.5 billion in Miami.

This is why people choose electric vehicles and e-skateboards over conventional cars. The e-skateboards made commuting easier than ever before, even in the heavy roadblocks. If you’ve no idea which e-skateboard is the best choice, just head over to Voeep to find your favorite ones.

Not only motorized skateboards help you escape traffic jams, but they also make you feel relaxed. Here’re four reasons to use e-skateboards that you perhaps ever thought of.

Read on.

It’s Environmental-Friendly

4 Benefits of Using Your E-Skateboard For Commuting
Source: martinservices.ie

It’s a well-known fact that using fossil fuel vehicles emits harmful gasses into the environment. And this leads to global crises like global warming. Moreover, conventional cars contribute to the city’s pollution.

People realize the importance of eco-friendly transportation methods. So, whether to reduce pollution or global warming, e-skateboards are an ideal choice.

Apart from air pollution, another issue with traditional vehicles is car parking space inappropriate for green urban planning development.

It’s Best For Mental & Social Well-Being

4 Benefits of Using Your E-Skateboard For Commuting
Source: surfertoday.com

Here’s another great news. Riding e-skateboards releases your stress and anxiety. Imagine leaving work riding on an electric skateboard. And the feeling of fresh air on your face and warm sunshine on your skin is invaluable.

Are you ready to go scientific?

4 Benefits of Using Your E-Skateboard For Commuting
Source: evolveskateboardsusa.com

Riding in the open air on a skateboard releases happy hormones called endorphins. Furthermore, it also increases blood supply to the brain.

And that’s the reason most people feel pleasant and stress-free after a ride. Not only is a skateboard best for mental wellness, but it also goes well with your social well-being.

It helps you make social connections to start conversations while passing across the lane. After all, physical conversations with people sharing the same mindset are better than online chats.

It’s Time-Saving

4 Benefits of Using Your E-Skateboard For Commuting
Source: scientificamerican.com

It’s no surprise that electric skateboards ensure a seamless commuting experience than fuelled vehicles. As discussed earlier, Americans spend almost 100 hours each year because of traffic jams. It’s equal to 2.5 weeks of your off-work.

Now, instead of spending 100 hours each year on traffic congestion, you can at least walk around the central park 100 times every year. If you want to save your time, moving onto an e-skateboard is a no-brainer.

It’s Cost-Effective

4 Benefits of Using Your E-Skateboard For Commuting
Source: alltoptenreviews.com

Here’s the most existing part.

A few pieces of research suggest on average, the annual expenditure on a car is about $5,264.58. This usually includes car mortgage, gas, parking charges, and repair costs.

Did you know people even use cars to shop at the street corner? However, eliminating unnecessary costs on your car is a piece of cake once you start using electric skateboards.


Now, it’s your time to use an electric skateboard. It saves huge bucks and time. Most importantly, it’s the best way to escape from your corporate stress and anxiety. The best part is that it enhances social relationships that help you get rid of social-media anxiety.


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