The Magic the Gathering (MTG) card game has been around for over 20 years, and in that time it has seen an incredible number of cards come and go. Some cards are so powerful, they change the way the game is played forever.

The unstable mtg card list is a list of the best MTG cards that are currently in the game. It is updated every year and will be updated again soon.

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The greatest MTG unstable cards keep your opponents guessing about what you’re going to do next. Continue reading to find out why these eleven shaky cards demand your attention!

The Top 10 Most Unstable MTG Cards

1. The Elemental of Infinity

Best MTG Unstable Cards – Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground 2024

Infinity Elemental is a prominent Unstable card that appears on almost every list of “Top Unstable Cards.” It doesn’t seem to be weird or unstable at first look, but then you discover the infinity symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the card.

The fact that Infinity Elemental has five toughness and infinite power explains its astronomically high mana cost of four colorless and four mountains. Imagine how Unstable the game would be if you gave this monster the Trample ability. Yes, it’s completely insane!

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2. Obelisk That Isn’t Stable

Best MTG Unstable Cards – Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground 2024

The Unstable Obelisk, the second card in our list of the greatest MTG Unstable cards, is the Unstable Obelisk itself. The uncommon artifact is well worth the 3 colorless mana it costs.

Tap Unstable Obelisk once for a single mana anytime you need it while it’s on the field. To destroy a target permanent, pay 7 colorless mana and sacrifice it at any time (including your own).

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3. Screen Split

Best MTG Unstable Cards – Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground 2024

Another fantastic Unstable artifact is Split Screen. It’s a rare card with a casting cost of 4 colorless, so it’s a little more expensive than the previous one on the list.

Split Screen lets you shuffle your deck into four different decks, each with its top cards facing up. Continue playing in this manner, selecting any deck for which you want to draw a card or when you need to utilize your deck.

You must shuffle your four decks back into one when this Unstable card leaves the battlefield.

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Earl of Squirrel, No. 4

Best MTG Unstable Cards – Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground 2024

Earl of Squirrel is a 4/4 Squirrel Advisor monster that is an uncommon green card. To play this Unstable card, you’ll need 4 colorless mana and 2 woods.

When this card does damage, you get to place that many 1/1 green Squirrels into play, which makes it ideal for Unstable strategies. Additionally, any creature tokens you control become Squirrels, and any additional Squirrels you possess get a +1/+1.

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Spellbook No. 5

Best MTG Unstable Cards – Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground 2024

The Spellbook card is a simple yet powerful card that allows Unstable MTG strategies to reach their full potential. You can’t top it for a card that’s completely free to play.

When Spellbook enters play, and for as long as it remains on the battlefield, there is no limit to the number of cards you may have in your hand. You’d be restricted to just 7 cards otherwise.

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Unstable Mutation (number 6)

Best MTG Unstable Cards – Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground 2024

If the name Unstable Mutation didn’t already tell you that this Vintage blue MTG card is a fantastic Unstable card, the explanation should!

You may enchant a creature with a +3/+3 for a single blue mana. The Unstable aspect is that a -1/-1 counter is placed on the creature during each subsequent hold. The counters remain in place even after the Unstable Mutation card is eliminated.

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Chromanticore is number seven.

Best MTG Unstable Cards – Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground 2024

What can we say about this Unstable card, oh, what can we say about this card, oh, what can we say about this card, oh, what can we say It’s definitely large, powerful, and attractive. It’s also very difficult to bring into play if you don’t have a Starburst deck.

Chromanticore resembles a mix of a Lion, Dragon, and Devil. As a 4/4 creature, it has flying, vigilance, trample, first strike, and lifelink. If you use its Bestow ability for one of the five mana colors and two extra colorless manas, it may also be used as an Aura.

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8. The Door to Nothing

Best MTG Unstable Cards – Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground 2024

The Door to Nothingness is a card that is often ignored for some strange reason. It’s worth a look, however, since it’s a rare artifact that can actually utilize an ability to make a target player lose the whole game. It doesn’t get much more shaky than that, people!

The Door to Nothingness is one of the most powerful cards ever produced; tap 2 over each mana color and tap it, as well as sacrifice it, and an opponent of your choosing loses the game immediately. What is it worth the 5 colorless mana casting cost if it isn’t worth it?

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9. Archangel Maelstrom

Best MTG Unstable Cards – Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground 2024

Angels are one of the strongest creature classes in MTG, if you didn’t already know. Maelstrom Archangel is a great example; for 1 mana of each color, you get a 5/5 with wings and a hardcore Unstable ability.

Regardless of how difficult it is to bring her into play, once she is, every time Maelstrom Archangel does damage, you may select and play nonland cards from your hand without paying any mana costs.

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The Colossus of Akros is number ten.

Best MTG Unstable Cards – Keep Your Opponents On Shaky Ground 2024

This Golem artifact creature is a powerhouse, entering the game as a 10/10 stock. It’s difficult to believe that this colossus is just a rare card, rather than legendary or mythic. You’ll see how unstable this behemoth is after taking a closer look.

In any case, Colossus of Akros comes with Defender and Indestructible for a high casting cost of 8 colorless mana. It also contains Monstrosity 10, which is much more amazing. That implies, despite having Defender, it possesses Trample and can attack.

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Unstable MTG Cards: Frequently Asked Questions

What Are MTG Cards That Are Unstable?

Unstable MTG cards are exactly what they sound like: MTG cards that cause game-play instability (mostly due to far-flung spells and abilities). They’re designed to catch your opponent off guard while giving you massive benefits.

An unstable card, for example, may provide you life, creatures, or the power to inflict damage or poison every time your upkeep begins or an opponent activates the ability during their own turn.

A card that is unstable might simply be a stupidly large monster with strong abilities that needs a lot of luck to come into play (and to keep it there for long).

Is it Worth It to Play Unstable MTG Cards?

Unstable cards are fantastic to use in MTG. Unstable MTG cards are a lot of fun to play with since they’re so different from the bulk of Vintage and Modern traditional MTG cards. The greatest thing is that your opponents will most likely be caught off guard by whatever you throw at them.

With Unstable Cards, How Do You Win in MTG?

Winning at Magic the Gathering with Unstable cards is similar to winning with any other kind of card; it requires a little luck, a little skill, and a well-constructed deck. The greatest approach to win with Unstable cards is to surprise your opponents with spells and abilities they aren’t familiar with, then overwhelm them with force.

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