Your deck is your sidekicks. You need good cards in your deck to help you win games. While you may not need a ton of them, you can’t afford to miss any of them. This is why you should always keep track of the cards that can potentially help you beat your opponent.

A kicker, in Magic: The Gathering, is a card that has a cost higher than the usual mana cost of the card. Kicker cards are intended to be used in conjunction with other cards with higher mana costs, and can be used once per turn as a cost to play something else.

A good kicker card for your deck can be the difference between winning or losing in a match. For this article, we are going to be looking at the best kicker cards in each of the modern formats (Standard, Modern, Legacy, and Vintage), as well as the best kicker cards for each of the top decks in Commander.

10 MTG Best Kicker Cards (2024 Edition)

Blood Tribute is unlike any other kicker card on this list. There’s no need to pay for the cost of the kicker with mana – instead, just slap an untamed vampire on the battlefield. If you’re playing a deck that makes Vampire tokens, this isn’t a problem.

Once you have paid the cost of the kicker, you may choose an opponent who will lose half of his health. On the other hand, you get a life equal to the number of hit points your opponent loses. It is like a one-sided plague of heavenly slaves, with the added benefit of earning their living.

The disadvantage is that the application is limited. You can’t even touch it unless you’re playing a vampire game.

General questions on kicker cards

Can you reduce your kicker costs?

There are many cards that can lower the cost of your own spells. Some, like. B. Omniscience, can even make your spells free.

As a result, many people ask a confusing question: Is it possible to reduce the cost of a card trapper? Unfortunately, the answer is ambiguous and has a lot to do with semantics.

In short, the answer is… so to speak. The best way to explain this is to consider the initial cost of drawing the top card and the cost of spades as the total cost. So if a card costs two mana to cast and the kicker costs, say, one mana, you can consider the card to be three mana, with the two mana of the original cost on top and the kicker at the bottom.

If you have a card that reduces the cost of casting applicable spells by one, then the dummy card we described above costs you two. It’s not directly addressing the cost of the kicker, but rather the initial cost of the game, which is a discount of sorts.

Now if you have something that completely eliminates the cost of waste, like. B. the aforementioned Omniscience, this still does not apply to the cost of kickers and multikickers. It covers the cost of play in the top half of the card, but not the cost of the kicker.

Can you pay the costs of the cemetery kicker?

No. The cost of the kicker can only be paid when the card is played. If you don’t have a card that allows you to cast a spell from the graveyard instead of just putting something on the battlefield, you can’t pay the kicker cost for a graveyard card.

Ending in

The kicker is an interesting mechanism. This allows you to really increase the effectiveness of the cards you play and make them even more powerful if you have the mana to pay for them.

Six-density is another mechanism we like. To learn more, check out our list of the best MTG cards with hexproofing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best card in core 2024?

The best card in core 2024 is the new card, “Dinosaur King”.

Is Magic The Gathering Core 2024 worth it?

Magic The Gathering Core 2024 is worth it for the following reasons: It has a low price point. It has a high-quality design. It has a high-quality construction. It is made by Wizards of the Coast. Magic The Gathering Core 2024 is not worth it for the following reasons: It has a low price point. It has a low-quality design. It has a low-quality construction. It is not made by Wizards of the Coast.

What is the best Commander 2024 Deck?

The best Commander 2024 Deck is a deck that wins the most games.

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