It’s always exciting when a new game drops on PS Now, but we’re right in the middle of the summer and there are some great games, movies, and TV shows to watch. Don’t miss out on the new season of Stranger Things, or binge on the first series of The Crown on Netflix. If you’re looking for something to play, get ready to stream some great games this summer. Here’s the best PS Now games to stream or download this summer.

The PlayStation Now streaming service is in the last few days of its Summer Games promotional period before it moves to a cheaper, more limited service in Fall. Here are the best PS Now games to stream or download for the remaining free period, along with the best PS Now games for the entire year.

July is here, which means it’s the ideal time to download some great PlayStation Now games and start streaming some of the best PS4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita games.

Whether you’ve got a PSN connection or not, you can still stream games that are available on PS Now, a cloud-based streaming service that allows you to stream PlayStation games to your PS4 or PC.. Read more about best ps now games reddit 2024 and let us know what you think.

Playstation Now, which debuted in 2015, was first more perplexing than thrilling. On paper, it was supposed to be Sony’s take on an online streaming service that allowed players to play vintage games. The monthly cost, however, was very high, and the site also had a perplexing pay-per-hour pricing plan on top of that. Plus, at least at initially, there was no support for PS4 games.

PS Now, on the other hand, has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years. Sony has switched to an explicit subscription approach, charging either monthly or yearly, following in the footsteps of Microsoft’s successful Xbox Game Pass. You now have access to a large portfolio of the greatest games for download or streaming, including PS4 and PS5 titles, for a much more reasonable price.

Sony adds and removes games from the platform on a regular basis, but you can count on at least 700 titles to be available. Diving headfirst into the service may be demoralizing, especially given the huge catalog of titles available, which ranges from AAA blockbusters to indie favorites dating back to the PS2 era. But we’re here to assist you: The ten greatest PS games to check out this summer are listed below.

PS Now Streaming: A Quick Note:

Although PS Now enables you to download a large number of games, including oldies, certain titles are only available to watch. These games usually take a few minutes longer to load, but they work well in theory—though graphical clarity sometimes suffers. We suggest downloading your favorite games straight to your Playstation system whenever feasible.

Let’s get to the fun and interesting stuff:

Right now, the best PS games are

Best PS Now Games to Stream or Download This Summer

1. XCOM 2

Turn-based tactical games are very popular for a reason: they can be difficult while still being accessible, exciting while still being irritating, and lighthearted while yet being serious. XCOM is the gold standard for this genre, perhaps the greatest of them ever, and it elevates the sequel to a new level. And it also comes as no surprise that XCOM 2 makes it to the top of best PS Now games.

Your primary goal, like in previous games in the series, is to command a team of troops. You take turns moving around a grid-based battlefield, attempting to outsmart and defeat a competing squad of extraterrestrials. Because you’re basically playing as a resistance force in XCOM 2, things become a little hotter: you’ll find yourself on the brink of being overrun numerous times, forcing you to take more chances than you would in the original game.

A complex inter-battle management subgame is included in XCOM 2. You may use this area to unlock new weaponry, perform research, recruit soldiers, build up the facility, and even administer the facility. XCOM 2 is definitely the first game you should play if you’re searching for a more smart and clever game where you get to blast aliens in the face with huge weapons.

If you like the following, this is the right choice for you:
  • Shooting with tact
  • Thinking in terms of strategy
  • Management of the Base
  • Even shots that are described as 99 percent accurate are missing.
Not recommended for:
  • Those who don’t want to see their beloved characters die.
  • Those who believe that a shot accuracy of 99 percent implies a 99 percent probability of hitting.

Notable Remarks

To put it bluntly, the eight featured games fall short of properly capturing the greatest PS Now games. Here are a few of more excellent games to consider:

  • Unchartered II: Among Thieves is a sequel to Unchartered.
  • God of War II is a sequel to God of War.
  • Red Dead Redemption is a video game developed by Rockstar Games.
  • Journey
  • Second Son is a well-known figure.

So grab a snack, sit back, and play games to your heart’s delight – spectacular games at that. Have fun gaming!

After a successful 2016 with some of the most highly-recommended PlayStation 4 games, Sony has promised more great games for the streaming service in 2017.

It’s time to start planning for the summer months ahead, here are some of the best PS Now games to stream or download this summer.. Read more about ps now downloadable games list and let us know what you think.

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