Are you struggling to find the best office chair under 300? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have found 5 best budget gaming chair under 300 for you. So let’s see what they are.

Gaming chairs can come with a huge price tag. Many will cost you upwards of £400. If you want a gaming chair however, under £300, then you will have to do some research. The best quality gaming chairs will last you for a long time, and you will be able to sit on them for hours at a time without feeling any discomfort. It is important to take the time to find the best gaming chair money can buy, and ensure that it is comfortable.

Gaming chairs have become a rage in the past few years in Britain. They are meant to be used to play games and watch TV and they have become more and more popular every day. There are so many types of gaming chairs in the market but finding the best one is the trick. We have chosen the top five gaming chairs for much less than 300 pounds.

If you are looking for a cheap gaming chair in the UK, here are the functional and decent brands you should consider. Keep in mind that they may not provide everything you need, but they are perfectly adequate.

Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Chair in UK (Under 300)

GTPLAYER high chair

This play chair meets your need for a bucket seat that is comfortable at the same time. It’s also one of the more affordable gaming chairs, with a racer-style seat that doesn’t feel too tight. This chair is quite large, both in terms of the seat and the back. Although the seat is of the racing type, it is roomy enough for tall people.

And of course, we think the chair is strong enough. It’s rated for people of 300 pounds, so it’s a big, heavy gaming chair.

The padding isn’t too thick, like other high-end gaming chairs like the RESPAWN 110, but it isn’t too thin and bouncy either. It is very comfortable, just like the DEVOKO gaming chair. Many of our team members find the padding soft enough to be comfortable.

Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Chair in UK (Under 300)

As mentioned, the GTPLAYER gaming chair meets the basic needs of a gamer – a roomy, comfortable seat and a sufficiently soft cushion.  So, if you’re just looking for basic amenities, this is the chair for you.

To meet your expectations, here are some shortcomings of GTPLAYER. First of all, the weapons – well, pretty simple. It’s all up and down. This is not really a problem, as other more expensive gaming chairs have the same basic armrests. There are gaming chairs with more ergonomic armrests, such as. B. The Titan series from the secret lab. But to benefit from it, you will have to pay more money.

Second, he’s not leaning that far back. You might want to push it back a bit. However, if you are looking for a reclining position of 150 to 180 degrees, this chair is not for you.

And oh, we missed the fun this chair has in store for you. It comes with a folding footrest, which may be enough to make up for the loss of more adjustable features.

General: If you’re not looking for a play chair with all the bells and whistles, a simple functional chair will do. And this gaming chair gives you the best value for your money.  We also tried to use this chair to work, watch movies and relax. And she was able to provide a comfortable seat. That’s why we think it’s pretty versatile.


Like the GTPLAYER, the RESPAWN SIDEWINDER has the basic functions of a gaming chair. Only, it will probably have some additional features.

The cushion RESPAWN SIDEWINDER is quite thick and soft. So if you think the DEVOKO or GTPLAYER gaming chairs are lacking in foam, this is a great option. The foam is aimed at the comfort often found in other high-end chairs like the RESPAWN 110. Read more: Chairs from Respawn Gaming: Which one is the best and why is it worth the price?

Another great feature of this gaming chair is the adjustable lumbar support. So it is more ergonomic, just like the DEVKO. When you combine lumbar support and cushions, it becomes a special kind of seating experience.

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Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Chair in UK (Under 300)

We also appreciate the durability for a play chair, it is very sturdy. We felt no wobble when we shook it.

And if you don’t want a restrictive driver’s seat, this one’s for you. It has no side supports and the seat is quite roomy. This is a departure from the infamous bucket seat style.

One of our qualities that could be better is the ease of assembly or installation. This chair is rather difficult to put together. Как и у GTPLAYER, отверстия для винтов не совпадают, поэтому нам пришлось потратить время, пытаясь все соединить.

DEVOKO high chair

The DEVOKO gaming chair is unique. Of all the gaming chairs we listed above, this is the most ergonomic. It’s a little hard to find an ergonomic gaming chair in the same price range as this one. It costs less than a hundred dollars, but you can enjoy more than the basics.

One of the most adjustable features of this gaming chair is the lumbar and neck cushions. You will be able to find a more comfortable spot for long gaming sessions. We initially thought this chair would be wobbly and flimsy, but we were surprised by the opposite.

When you sit in the chair, it feels very firm and stable. It doesn’t look like a high-end gaming chair. But it’s not cheap either. In terms of durability, it can pass for a mid-range gaming chair. So you can use it for several years.

Now for the bad part. For starters, the armrests are not adjustable; in fact, this is the least adjustable of all the other cheap and mid-range gaming chairs we tested.

Second: The padding of this gaming chair is insufficient. It’s too supportive. Therefore, it will not offer you the luxurious comfort that most players enjoy.

In addition, we find this chair rather difficult to put together. That’s because the screw holes are not aligned.

Overall, this is a great option if you want to get away from the soft comfort of gaming chairs with thick cushions. And if you want better lumbar support during a long game, you’ll be happy with this seat.

Despite the shortcomings of this chair, there’s really not much to complain about. It offers more than the basics. The lumbar support and the quality of manufacture convinced us.

OFM high chair

And as a lightweight, we decided to go with the OFM play chair. It is perfect for light to medium weight players.

What also sets it apart from the other chairs on our list is that it uses a combination of polyurethane leather and mesh material. This makes the chair more breathable.

Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Chair in UK (Under 300)

Most people hate adjustable armrests. The folding armrests are not adjustable. So either it fits you or it doesn’t. But if you can sit in the chair, you’ll find the adjustable armrests very handy. Set it down and you can easily get up from the chair.  The armrests are upholstered, as are the seat and back.

So we immediately felt comfortable in this chair. And even after hours, he still felt good. And thanks to the mesh material, it wasn’t too hot.

One of our complaints was that the chair seemed to be made in a hurry. There were loose ends and the seams were pretty bad.  So, in terms of aesthetics, it’s not the best. The loose seams gave it an unpleasant appearance.

Although this one is the easiest to put together compared to the other gaming chairs mentioned above. It took us less than 30 minutes.

Overall, its 250-pound capacity makes it ideal for light- to medium-weight players. And if you like soft comfort but don’t mind adjustable armrests, this is a great option.


This RESPAWN RSP 800 is the best if you play on a console. This allows you to sit lower and closer to the screen. This play chair is also called a rocking chair. So it has a fixed trumpet-shaped base, yet it can rotate 360 degrees.

Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Chair in UK (Under 300)

We also think it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a different type of gaming chair.  As strange as it may seem, we love the comfort it provides. While it’s not as ergonomic as the other brands on our list, you can still swing it to your heart’s content. That’s why it’s called a swing.

We also find the foam soft and comfortable. The seat and back are also thickly padded. So if you want to relax in luxury while playing, this chair will not disappoint.

And there are drawbacks. The armrests are not ergonomic, it’s a recliner, so it either fits you or it doesn’t.

It also has a footrest, but we find it too noisy and awkward when we take it out. Sounds kind of boring. Some force is required to return the footrest to its original position. Although a footrest adds comfort, it is not meant to.

Concluding remarks

These gaming chairs for under $300 are incredibly comfortable. If you’re not looking for a play chair with all the bells and whistles, you’ll be fine with one of our best options.Gaming Chairs are a bit of a funny one, from a practical point of view. Most people will have between 2-4 gaming chairs during their lifetime, and most people don’t think about it that much (that’s why they aren’t collecting them like some of us). However, if you do decide to buy a gaming chair, you really have to do your research to make sure you’re not just paying for the name of your brand. Gaming chairs aren’t just for gamers, there are MANY uses for them – like watching TV or listening to music. Not to mention they are a great way of getting rid of that gamer’s hump that formed in the back of your chair from all of those hours spent sitting in it. ~~. Read more about homall gaming chair and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest but best gaming chair?

The best gaming chair is the one that you can afford.

What is the best gaming chair under $200?

The best gaming chair under $200 is the DXRacer Formula Series.

What is a reasonable price for a gaming chair?

A reasonable price for a gaming chair is $100.

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