You can use acoustic insulators, but you need to use them wisely. This is because they are not perfect, and it can affect the response time of your keyboard. You can make your keyboard quieter by decreasing the noise by using an acoustic insulator to decrease the sound.

There’s more to keyboards than just clicking the keys, and one of the more interesting features is the ability of some keyboards to change the sounds they make. Some keyboards have switches that make a clicking or squeaking sound (or even both), while others have switches that make no noise at all.

One of the more popular ways to emulate the sound of a clicky mechanical keyboard is to use a rubber dome switch. The silicone rubber dome switches are intended to be quieter than their metal counterparts, while still offering a tactile response.

Noisemakers should be reduced or eliminated when using mechanical keyboards. This includes sound-making parts like the key switches or the space bar itself. However, this also includes the keyboard itself. In this post, I’ll show you how to make your mechanical keyboard quieter.

How to Make a Quieter Mechanical Keyboard

How To Make Your Mechanical Keyboard Quieter

Using a mechanical keyboard is much more pleasant than using one of the new membrane-style keyboards. Except for the individuals who are in your immediate vicinity as you write. Mechanical keyboards have the drawback of being very noisy.

For a long time, it seemed to be simply one of the trade-offs you had to make if you wanted all of the other advantages of a mechanical keyboard. That isn’t quite correct, as it turns out. There are a few things you can do to make your keyboard more quieter and less distracting for your colleagues or anybody else who needs to focus around you.

We’ll go through a few methods to make a mechanical keyboard that’s considerably quieter in this post.

Switches that are silent

The motion of the switches under the keys is what makes these keyboards so noisy. It is made up of a few pieces rather than a membrane, thus there is more that may cause noise. The plastic sliders that are pushed against a spring, to be precise. The fact that these components ultimately start producing noise is the price you pay for the precise movement of a mechanical keyboard.

One of the features that people like about their mechanical keyboard is the ability to personalize it. It is simple to modify the keyboard so that you may replace the plastic switches with something quieter.

Instead of cheap plastic that produces noise, new quiet switches utilize other materials. The substance utilized essentially dampens the sound and makes it considerably quieter. They aren’t totally quiet, however, since the motion will make some noise. They are, nevertheless, considerably quieter than standard switches.

Use “O” rings made of rubber

How To Make Your Mechanical Keyboard Quieter

Another cause for the keyboard’s loudness is that when the keys are pressed all the way down, they basically smash on the plastic underneath them. This is most likely the most significant source of noise.

You may create a workaround for this by purchasing tiny rubber “O” ring gaskets. They aren’t designed for this function, so don’t search for them in the store’s keyboard area. Go to a hardware shop instead. Take several of the tiniest diameters you can locate and place them over the key stems. When combined with the quiet switches, you should have a keyboard that is nearly entirely silent.

Construct your own keyboard

You can make your own keyboard if you can build your own computer. You’ll have full control over all of the materials utilized in the building this manner. This way, you can turn it quiet right away without having to apply any hacks.

For starters, you may utilize a case without a metal keyboard plate. Then you may choose for some high-end switches that are constructed of extremely quiet materials. They may be costly, but the purpose of making your own isn’t to save money.

Make sure you’re comfortable with some light soldering before you start, since it’ll come in handy while constructing a keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards can be very noisy, especially when typing on them for extended periods of time. The noise is due to the keyboard striking the keys. Because of this, many people use a wooden, composite, or plastic board to quiet down the noise, but these material are often not as durable as metal boards. If your keyboard is made of plastic, there is a way to upgrade it to metal.. Read more about how to make your keyboard sound like a mechanical keyboard and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my keyboard quieter?

To make your keyboard quieter, you can do the following things. First, you should turn off any notifications on your phone or computer that may be distracting. Second, you should use headphones instead of speakers so that the sound is not as loud and it will also reduce the amount of background noise. Third, you can lower the volume on your device to a level where its not too loud but still audible.

Can you get quiet mechanical keyboards?

Yes, there are many companies that sell these.

How do I make my mechanical keyboard quieter Reddit?

The best way to make your mechanical keyboard quieter is to use a rubber or foam-based keycap. This will dampen the noise from the keys and reduce the amount of sound they produce.

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