Magic the Gathering is a game that has been around for over 20 years. This means there are many cards to collect and trade. One of the most popular aspects of this game is the ability to transform your cards into something new by using spells or creatures called mutate.

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In MTG, mutating creature cards offer you unforeseen advantages over your opponent. Continue reading for all of the juicy information on our top ten choices for MTG’s greatest mutating monsters!

Top 10 Mutable Creatures in MTG

Lore Drakkis is a fictional character created by Lore Drakkis.

MTG Best Creatures to Mutate

Lore Drakkis is a rare 2/3 blue and red Lizard beast with a casting cost of 1 colorless mana, 1 blue, and 1 red.

Once the Lizard Beast is on the field, you must spend an extra 2 blue or red mana to Mutate it.

What is the greatest thing about this Lizard? Return a sorcery or instant card from your graveyard to your hand whenever it mutates.

It may seem to be a little skill, yet it is very important. Consider that for a moment. Turn after turn, you’ll be able to bring back any instant or sorcery card.

Lore Drakkis is, in our opinion, one of MTG’s finest creatures to Mutate, period.

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2. Otrimi, the Ever-Entertaining

MTG Best Creatures to Mutate

Otrimi, the Ever-Playful is a Legendary Nightmare Beast with a 6/6 black, green, and blue color combination.

To cast this Legendary Nightmare Beast, you’ll need three colorless, one black, one green, and one blue mana. It has Trample when it strikes the field.

Otrimi’s mutation costs one colorless, one black, one green, and one blue mana.

The ability of this card to return a creature card with Mutate from your graveyard every time it does damage to a player puts it at number two on our list.

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3. Greathorned Sheep Migratory

MTG Best Creatures to Mutate

The Migratory Greenhorn is a 3/4 green Creature Beast with 3 colorless and 1 forest as its casting costs.

It also has a 2 colorless and 1 woodland Mutate cost.

You get to search your deck for a basic land card and place it into the battlefield tapped whenever Migratory Greenhorn Mutates.

You’ll have to shuffle your cards afterwards, but that’s a minor price to pay, and it may even help you get to better cards faster!

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4. Mindleecher

MTG Best Creatures to Mutate

Mindleecher is an uncommon 5/5 black Nightmare Creature with the ability to fly. The cost of casting the scary cards is a little high, at 4 colorless and 2 black mana.

The cost of the Mindleecher’s Mutate is likewise very high, at 4 colorless and 1 swamp. Its Mutate ability, on the other hand, is really remarkable.

You get to pick a creature to put this card under when you Mutate it as a spell. It rises to the top of the deck and gets all of the Mindleecher’s powers.

Furthermore, anytime the creature Mutates, you get to exile one card from the top of everyone’s deck. As long as these cards are exiled, you and only you may look at and play them.

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5. Demolisher of Sawtusk

MTG Best Creatures to Mutate

The Sawtusk Demolisher is another powerful green monster that deserves to be included among MTG’s greatest creatures to Mutate.

This huge purchase really lives up to the creature class “Beast,” as a 6/6 Beast with Trample with a casting cost of 4 colorless and 2 green mana.

When you cast the Sawtusk Demolisher as a spell, you get to put it beneath a creature, and that creature gets all of the Sawtusk Demolisher’s abilities.

You may destroy a noncreature permanent of your choosing if the card is in play as a creature and Mutates.

What’s the drawback? A 3/3 green Beast creature token is created by the permanents controller!

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Necropanther is number six on the list.

MTG Best Creatures to Mutate

This rare Cat Nightmare, Necropanther, features an intriguing Mutate ability in addition to a scary name.

You’ll need 1 colorless, 1 white, and 1 black mana to summon the Necropanther.

It’s a 3/3 Cat Nightmare with the ability to bring a creature card with a mana cost of 3 or less from the graveyard onto the battlefield once it’s on the battlefield (not tapped).

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7. The Lurker in the Graveyard

MTG Best Creatures to Mutate

The Boneyard Lurker, a 4/4 Nightmare Beast with black and green colors, is another uncommon monster on our list of MTG’s greatest creatures to mutate.

You may use the card as a spell to infuse a creature on the battlefield with the abilities of the Boneyard Lurkers.

You may restore a target permanent from your graveyard to play if you play it as a Nightmare Beast creature card and choose to Mutate.

Mutating this card costs 2 colorless, 2 black, or 2 green mana.

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Snatcher of Souvenirs, No. 8

MTG Best Creatures to Mutate

The Souvenir Snatcher, a 4/4 flier, is the only pure blue creature on our list of the greatest MTG creatures to Mutate.

To cast Souvenir Snatcher into the battlefield, you’ll need 4 colorless and 1 blue mana.

You acquire control of a target artifact (as long as it isn’t a creature) anytime Souvenir Snatcher Mutates.

You may also use this card to cast a spell for 5 colorless and 1 blue mana. You get to choose a creature on the battlefield and grant it all of Souvenir Snatcher’s abilities if you do so.

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Chittering Harvester (nine)

MTG Best Creatures to Mutate

Chittering Harvester is a 4/6 black Nightmare creature card with a 5 colorless and 1 black mana casting cost.

For 4 colorless and 1 black mana, you may Mutate the card as a spell and give its abilities to another creature you control.

You may also use the card to create a monster. If you do, it will mutate and force each of your enemies to sacrifice one of their animals.

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Parcelbeast is ten.

MTG Best Creatures to Mutate

Last but not least, Parcelbeast, an uncommon 2/4 green and blue Elemental Beast monster with Mutate.

Bringing the Parcelbeast card into play costs 2 colorless, 1 forest, and 1 island. You may spend 1 colorless mana and tap it to search the top card of your deck for a land card after you’ve entered the battlefield.

Place the top card, if it’s a land, onto the battlefield. Put it in your hand if it isn’t a land.

Mutate is a spell that Parcelbeast can cast for 1 forest and 1 island mana.

You may choose to put it beneath a creature and give that creature all of this Elemental Beast’s powers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MTG’s Best Mutable Creatures

In MTG, what does the term “mutate” mean?

Mutate is a kind of activated ability in MTG. Each creature with the ability to Mutate has its own Mutate ability. Some Mutating creatures enable you to deal damage, exile cards, return cards from the graveyard to play, and perform a number of other intriguing actions.

Are Mutate Creature Cards Worth It?

If you like surprise your opponent with diverse strategies they don’t anticipate, mutation cards are well worth it. Enemies often see Mutating animals as loaded weapons ready to erupt in their faces. And you’re the one who pulls the trigger.

In MTG, What Is the Point of Mutating Creatures?

In MTG, the purpose of mutating creatures is complex. It may be used to inflict damage, heal, resurrect spells or creatures, or perform other useful functions. Enemies are irritated and pushed out of their comfort zones by mutating creatures, who never know what will come next.

The mtg mutate is a tool that allows users to search for the best creatures to mutate. This tool is helpful for players who are new to Magic: The Gathering and want some advice on what they should be playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best creature in MTG?

The best creature in Magic the Gathering is the one you can summon.

Can you mutate 3 creatures?

Yes, I can mutate 3 creatures.

Are mutate decks good?

Mutate decks are a type of deck that can be found in Beat Saber. They have three tracks, which makes them very useful for a variety of songs. However, mutate decks are not recommended for beginners.

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