This article will be a quick rundown on some of the best uncommon cards for any MTG deck. These cards are great for any budget and have a lot of playability in various formats. We will also include a few more uncommon picks that are just for fun.

This card is the best uncommon white card for any midrange or control deck. I like to play this card because it can help me draw cards and synergize with cards like Prophetic Prism and Dig Through Time. Prophetic Prism is a combo card that can draw you 3 cards and put one card back into your hand.

Dig Through Time is a card that increases your draw and draws you a card every time you draw a card. These two cards can help you draw and then play Prophetic Prism and Dig Through Time at the same time to draw 3 cards and put 1 card back.

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In MTG, having the greatest uncommon cards in your deck may frequently be the difference between winning and losing. Continue reading to learn about 10 of MTG’s greatest uncommon cards.

The Top 10 Best Uncommon Cards in MTG

1. Unyielding Rats

MTG Best Uncommon Cards – 10 Great Uncommons For Any MTG Deck

Relentless rats is one of my all-time favorite uncommon cards (of any color). This black Rat card lets you summon a 2/2 Rat that gets a +1/+1 boost counter for each copy of Relentless Rats on the field.

The true kicker is that, unlike other cards, Relentless Rats may be played in any number of decks. Because all other cards are restricted to four or fewer copies, this ability is very useful. And the stronger each of the other copies becomes with each duplicate you play.

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2. Matron of the Goblins

MTG Best Uncommon Cards – 10 Great Uncommons For Any MTG Deck

The Goblin Matron is a great illustration of how fast one of the greatest uncommon cards can turn a game of Magic: the Gathering around. This Goblin creature enters the game with a power of 1 and a defense of 1 with a mana cost of 2 colorless and 1 mountain. When it enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a Goblin card and reveal it, then add it to your hand and shuffle your deck.

For Goblin decks, it doesn’t get much better than that, particularly with so many cheap creatures to play with haste. Goblin Matron gives you the ability to search your deck for any particular Goblin you want and summon it into your hand, which is crazy!

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3. Progenitus’ Relic

MTG Best Uncommon Cards – 10 Great Uncommons For Any MTG Deck

The Relic of Progenitus is a rare artifact that can be used in almost any MTG deck. Few artifacts are as strong for such a low cost as this one, which costs 1 colorless mana to cast.

Force an opponent to exile a card from their graveyard by tapping Relic of Progenitus. Also, exile this card and spend 1 colorless mana to exile all cards from all graveyards. If you select the latter, you will also be given the opportunity to draw a card.

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4. Rejuvenate

MTG Best Uncommon Cards – 10 Great Uncommons For Any MTG Deck

Vitalize, an Instant that costs a single forest to cast, is a classic uncommon for MTG decks using forests and green creatures. You get to untap all creatures you control when Instant is cast.

That implies you may play this instant after you’ve attacked and your opponents have declared blocks and suffered damage, and you can untap and potentially attack again (but at the very least have your creatures available for defense rather than remaining tapped).

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Lightning Bolt No. 5

MTG Best Uncommon Cards – 10 Great Uncommons For Any MTG Deck

This rare card enables you to deal 3 damage to any target for the very low casting cost of 1 mountain. That means you may target people, creatures, and anything else on the battlefield that can inflict damage.

Personally? Lightning Bolt has long been one of my all-time favorite Magic the Gathering cards. That’s why I have four copies spread across many decks (one Haste deck, one multi-color Spells only deck, and one all-out Goblin Assualt deck).

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6. Rancor

MTG Best Uncommon Cards – 10 Great Uncommons For Any MTG Deck


Rancor, an uncommon Enchantment – Aura, is the third uncommon card on our list to cost just one mana to cast. This enchant creature card gives any creature on the battlefield a boost of +2/+0 and trample for 1 woodland.

Aside from the amazing pricing, one of the most fantastic aspects of this card is that you get to restore this bad boy to your hand when it goes to the graveyard!

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7. Plating of the Cranium

MTG Best Uncommon Cards – 10 Great Uncommons For Any MTG Deck

Cranial Plating is an old-school uncommon that may help any deck with a lot of swamp lands. This Artifact – Equipment lets you to equip a creature of your choosing with a +1/+0 for each artifact you control for 2 colorless mana.

But wait, there’s more! You may connect Cranial Plating to any creature you control at any time for two swamp lands. Otherwise, once the card is on the battlefield, you may equip it for 1 colorless mana.

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8. Make the Cup Poisonous

MTG Best Uncommon Cards – 10 Great Uncommons For Any MTG Deck

Another great example of a power swamp land fuelled uncommon card is Poison the Cup. Poison the Cup is a rare instant that costs 1 colorless mana and two swamp lands to cast.

You may use the instant to destroy an opponent’s creature (or even your own, technically). You scry 2 after destroying the target creature if the Foretell ability was activated. You may activate Foretell abilities during your turn by exiling the card face down and playing it later at the Foretell price.

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9. Final Remarks

MTG Best Uncommon Cards – 10 Great Uncommons For Any MTG Deck

Final Parting, an uncommon sorcery with a semi-steep casting cost of 3 colorless mana and 2 swampy lands, is one of our favorite uncommon spells of all time. It’s quick, sweet, and deserving of inclusion in any deck with at least half black mana.

You get to search through your deck for any two cards you want when you cast Final Parting. After you’ve chosen your two cards, one will be placed in your hands and the other will be placed in the graveyard. After that, you’ll need to shuffle your deck.

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10. Consciousness

MTG Best Uncommon Cards – 10 Great Uncommons For Any MTG Deck

Mind Control is a legendary blue rare Enchantment – Aura that I’ve used for at least two decades. It just doesn’t get much better than this!

What is it like to go under someone’s skin? Take command of their most powerful monster.

Mind Control lets you to enchant ANY creature on the board for 3 colorless and 2 islands in mana. You have complete authority over the creature as long as the enchantment remains on it.

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Uncommon Cards in MTG: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Uncommon Card in Magic: The Gathering?

Uncommon cards, often called as “Uncommons” or “Silvers” in MTG, fall in between common and rare. That is, they are less frequent than common cards, but more common than rares and mythic rares. Strong creatures or a variety of spells, instants, sorcery, enchantment, artifacts, or equipment cards are prevalent.

In MTG, how many uncommon cards are there?

Since 1993, about 20,000 MTG cards have been printed, with roughly 3,000 or more of them being uncommon. This is due to the fact that booster packs and decks often include 10 to 20% uncommon cards.

What are the prices of uncommon MTG cards?

Uncommon MTG cards may cost anything from a few dollars to several hundred or thousands of dollars. The price is influenced by many variables than only the rarity of the card. Its monetary worth is influenced by its age, physical condition, skills, rarity, and other factors.

Wizards of the Coast continues to print some of the best uncommon cards in Magic: The Gathering, and here I’ll share ten of my personal favorite and discuss each one’s place in a typical Modern deck.. Read more about mtg best commons in standard and let us know what you think.

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