When a new set comes out, I always try to make a Hexproof list of the best cards in the set. I also include my predictions about which of the new cards are going to make it to the big leagues. In the end, I talk about how I am a huge fan of good playable and also mention cards that may be worth drafting in the future.

Hexproof is a mechanic introduced in Magic: the Gathering, that allows a player to sacrifice a permanent to put a permanent with hexproof onto the battlefield. This means that any time the permanent enters the battlefield, it will enter as a 0/0 unless an opponent has cast a spell. This means that if the player is able to use hexproof, then they will be able to keep their creatures safe while they’re in the battlefield.

Hexproof is a tricky mechanic to build around, but it’s found a home in Modern. The mechanic’s first appearance was in Magic 2015, where the set featured an all-white plane, where all creatures were hexproof.

Hexproof causes creatures to have a new keyword ability, preventing effects that would destroy them from being able to target them or be cast. It’s an exciting mechanic that can surprise even the best opponents, making it a mechanic that I’ll be watching closely, as it’s easy to miss those crucial turns that will win the game for you.

10 MTG Best Hexproof Cards (2024 Edition)

A close match in Magic: the Gathering can feel like a professional tennis match. Players cast spells on each other – they cast them, parent them, kill them and destroy them, over and over again.

This may make some people wonder if it’s worth investing their continued efforts in the game. Why bother when your opponent, who has open mana and cards in hand, will likely destroy or parry everything you do?

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your durable items from damage. One example is Hexproof, which we will examine in this article. We’ve put together some of the best Hex cards from MTG to add to your next deck.

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What is Hexproof in Magic: Assembly?

New to the game? No problem. We’ll tell you what Hexproof is.

Hexproof is a key word that some perms have. This means that a permanent spellproof card cannot be targeted by spells or abilities controlled by your opponents.

If it looks like a shroud, it’s because it is a shroud. The main difference between Shroud and Six Forces is that Shroud does not allow anyone to target permanents with spells or abilities – not even you. So if your creature has a shroud, you can’t equip it with artifacts or perform enchantments on it.

On the other hand, hex security is one-sided. The only ones they can’t hit are your opponents. So you can still apply artifacts or enchantments to a card with hex protection. In short, the hex proof is better than the shrouds, but we don’t want to judge the shrouds – they are also useful if you can get them.

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MTG Best bulletproof cards

Shalai, voice of plenty

10 MTG Best Hexproof Cards (2024 Edition)

Do you have many permanents to protect on the battlefield? You can cover them all at once by saying Shalai, the voice of abundance. Your second ability gives you, your planeswalkers and your creatures watertightness.

The word you literally means you as a player. Others cannot attack you with spells that damage your total life, or with other cards that attack players.

As an extra benefit, you can upgrade creatures with Shalai by putting +1/+1 counters on them. This not only increases your board strength, but also allows you to infuse mana if you’ve accumulated a lot of it.

Preferred position

10 MTG Best Hexproof Cards (2024 Edition)

Another way to give your permanents protection from a Hex is to cast an enchantment as a Privileged Position. Its advantage over Shalai, Voice of Abundance, is that it applies Hex protection to all your permanent creatures, including other enchantments or even artifacts.

He’s not talking specifically about the Sixers’ resilience, but the language of privilege is essentially what the Sixers’ resilience is. That’s why we decided to include them.

Another thing to watch out for is that you can pay for tricolor mana in addition to the cost of white and green. This means that if you have trouble getting one of the colors, you can replace it with any other color you have, making it even easier to get that card on the battlefield.


10 MTG Best Hexproof Cards (2024 Edition)

If you really want to stack the battlefield in a way that protects all your creatures, consider adding Asceticism to your deck. This annoying card gives all your creatures spell resistance.

But there is another advantage: You can pay two mana to resurrect a target. Basically, it means you can prevent him from going to the graveyard if something else could destroy him.

So not only can your opponents not attack your creatures with spells and abilities, but you can also save them after an attack or block that would otherwise kill them.

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Uril, misty hunter

10 MTG Best Hexproof Cards (2024 Edition)

Uril, the Mist Tracker is a fantastic commander to choose if you want to build an enchanted/aura deck. That’s because it’s specifically designed to set up as many spells as you can.

Uryl gets a +2/+2 bonus for each enchantment placed on him. Since there are many enchantments that in turn give buffs to creature stats, it’s a strong move when the enchantments stack up.

And if you’re worried about losing all your enchantments when Uryl is destroyed, you don’t have to. It also has spell resistance, so you can’t attack it with a -kill spell.

Champion’s helmet

10 MTG Best Hexproof Cards (2024 Edition)

This is a card made specifically for the Commander format. Helm of Champions is an artifact that can be included in decks of any color. If it’s on a creature, it gives that creature +2/+2.

If the creature is legendary – and your commander will be – it also gets protection from the curse. In other words: It is ideal for protecting particularly vulnerable commanders from attack.

Champion’s helmet can be a bit pricey though, so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you might also consider something like Mask or Avacyn.

Summer canvas

10 MTG Best Hexproof Cards (2024 Edition)

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to Veil of Summer. The first thing that makes it good is that it only costs one green mana and is instant; you can cast it at any time at the beginning of the game.

If you’re playing against someone who uses blue or black, Veil or Summer will help you draw cards. It then prevents your opponents from parrying your spells, allowing you to quietly perform combos.

As if that weren’t enough, all your permanents get hex protection, which protects them from blue and black for the entire turn. Blue and black are the best colors to counter and kill permanents, so you’re largely protected from a lot of removal.

In short, Veil of Summer is excellent because it does so many things.

Padim, innovation consultant

10 MTG Best Hexproof Cards (2024 Edition)

Make a set of artifacts? Padim, Consul of Innovation, deserves a place on your list. It gives six protections to all your artifacts.

As if that weren’t enough, you can play an extra card with it every turn. The only condition for this effect to work is that you have the artifact with the highest converted mana cost, which should be pretty easy if you have a lot of them in your deck.

Stamina archetype

10 MTG Best Hexproof Cards (2024 Edition)

Like all the other cards in this list, Endurance Archetype hex gives protection to some of your permanents. In this case, it protects your creatures.

However, it also has an additional feature that makes it overwhelming: It removes hex protection from all of your opponents’ creatures. These creatures also cannot gain additional protection from the spell unless the Endurance archetype is removed from the battlefield.

Unfortunately, since Endurance Archetype also gives you hex power, it won’t be easy to take out all your hex creatures. Don’t get me wrong: Opponents will want to get rid of him as quickly as possible.

Tyrant of the flesh

10 MTG Best Hexproof Cards (2024 Edition)

Carnage Tyrant is a little different than most of the other six maps in this guide. It will not give some of your permanents hex protection, but it will still put pressure on your opponents.

There is a simple reason for this: It is a large creature with scattering power that your opponents cannot parry, and it is resistant to hexes. Once out, Flesh Tyrant is difficult to disable, making it an excellent offensive creature.

Narset, illuminated master

10 MTG Best Hexproof Cards (2024 Edition)

Who wouldn’t want to do magic for free? With Narset, the enlightened teacher, you may be able to get four free spells when you attack him, provided you remove four non-creature spells from the top of your library.

Of course, it’s also a six-pack. You don’t have to worry about defense, although it never hurts to have a few counter spells on hand in case someone decides to clear the board early.

General questions about Hexproof in MTG

What does Hexproof protect against?

Waterproofing protects you or the permanent card from spells or abilities that might otherwise attack it. For example, death spells that say something like Destroy Target Creature cannot be used against an item with spell resistance.

To make it simpler, you can think of it like this: Any spell or ability that does something to a target creature/permanent character/artifact/glider doesn’t work if the target has a hex. Note, however, that the hex test only works in one direction. It only applies to targeted skills or spells your opponents use.

You can still target your own hexproof permanents with a spell or ability. This way you can strengthen your own cards while reducing the risk of losing them.

How can I overcome waterproofing and indestructibility?

Suppose your opponent has an impenetrable, indestructible creature on the battlefield. They could have brought Avacyn, the angel of hope, and the archetype of perseverance to the battlefield. How do you get around this?

You already know what force 6 is, so let’s look at indestructibility. If the permanent is indestructible, it simply cannot be destroyed. Any effects that mark destruction or combat damage have no effect on this permanent.

Thus, a creature that is both hexproof and indestructible cannot be targeted by enemy abilities or spells, nor can it be killed in combat. It is difficult to get out of this situation, but not impossible.

The solution is to exile the card in question or, if it’s a creature, apply enough -1/-1 counters to bring it back to 0/0. But because it has hex protection, you can’t attack it directly. You need to find a card that randomly targets all permanents of the type you want to get rid of. Huge exiles like Urza’s Ruinous Shock and cards that put -1/-1 counters on all creatures, like Toxic Deluge , are sufficient.

Another option is to bounce opposing permanents in your hand with something like Cyclonic Rift.  You can also force them to sacrifice their permanents with a card like Torment of Hailfire.

Can Deathtouch kill Hexproof?

Waterproofing only protects you from targeted spells or abilities. Death touch does not target specific creatures – it applies to anything that the creature with death touch inflicts combat damage on.

It’s simple: The touch of death kills anything that has hex protection.

Ending in

In our opinion, hexproofing is one of the best defenses. It will prevent your opponents from being able to hit one of your permanents, but it will still allow you to hit that permanent. This makes it better than the shroud, because the protection from hexes works unevenly in your favor.

If you’re worried about certain cards hitting enemies, add Hex protection to your deck. We hope we have given you some ideas about the possibilities of integration.Hexproof is a powerful ability in Magic:

The Gathering! It allows you to keep your cards safe from targeted removal, while also making it so that your opponents can’t steal them away! You can choose to use your hexproof cards to play defensive, or to take advantage of the fact that your opponents won’t be able to target them with removal spells. The only way to kill them is to attack them directly, or to use removal spells to get rid of them.

When you start to get the hang of hexproof, you will be able to choose when and how to use it, and you will become one of the best hexproof players in your local area.. Read more about mtg hexproof counter and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best card in Magic The Gathering 2024?

Magic has been around for over 20 years now. During that time, they’ve added a lot of new cards to the game. There are a lot of old cards out there as well, out there in bulk bins and on the internet. Many of these cards are good, but some of them are better. Which ones?

On this page, we will break down the best of the best, and explain why we think they are the best. Based on what we saw at the start of the new set, Hexproof cards are quite strong in Magic: The Gathering (MTG). The best way to find out what cards will be the best in the coming season is to read reviews on the net. We will guide you with the best Hexproof cards to draft at the start.

Is Magic Core 2024 Good?

Magic has been around for more than 18 years now and there are a lot of card sets, which means there are a lot of cards to evaluate. As we approach the release of the last core set of a block, we’re going to take a look at the cards from the most recent set, Magic Core 2019.

I’ve chosen a few cards with Hexproof for this article, which means they have the potential to be good, but will also be reprinted in a core set in 2 years. It’s been a long time since the last time I ran an article for Magic The Gathering based on the set Oracle’s “What’s New” event, so I’d like to call back into a series of articles that I wrote about My first ever MTG deck was based around the black-green legends (and some cards with the same names) from the set Oracle’s first edition.

It was a deck that was designed around a theme, but my knowledge of the set was so small that I didn’t even bother to include any cards that cost two or more mana and were black-green in my deck unless they were one of the cards that I’m writing the article about. When I built this deck, I was just building the “good

What cards give creatures Hexproof?

Hexproof is a mechanic that grants creatures Hexproof. If a creature would be destroyed, it instead becomes a creature with a new set of characteristics. This means that Hexproof is not a loop, as it cannot continue to destroy creatures to return them to the battlefield.

Hexproof is effective against burn, as creatures entering the battlefield under a burn effect will be destroyed before they can finish their turn. In the coming weeks I will be giving a series of articles about the top 20 cards that will be legal in Hexproof (2024 Edition) Standard.

Article #1 was dedicated to the Top 5 Most Powerful Hexproof Cards, and as promised to my readers, I have now completed the list with the Top 5 Best Hexproof Cards.

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