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Unblockable is a card type, so when you play a card with unblockable in the card title, you know that the card is written in such a way that it can’t be blocked. Without further ado, here are 10 unblockable cards that will help you in any deck:

Magic the Gathering is a game that has no shortage of powerful cards, but typically they are used in specific decks because they are too hard to play around. That being said, there are still some cards that are almost always good but can be played on any deck. These are known as unblockable cards, and today we are going to take a look at the 10 best, giving you suggestions for any deck you want to build.

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Unblockable cards enable you to sneak past opposing lines, no matter how strongly defended they are, and inflict direct damage to your opponents! Continue reading to learn about ten of MTG’s greatest unblockable cards.

The Top 10 Most Unblockable MTG Cards

1. The Stalker Who Can’t Be Seen

MTG Best Unblockable Cards – 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

The Invisible Stalker is a rare blue Human Rogue creature card. The card is one of the cheapest and most convenient Unblockable cards, requiring just 1 colorless mana and 1 island to enter the battlefield.

Invisible Stalker gets Hexproof and is also unblockable when it enters the battlefield. It can’t be targeted by your opponent’s abilities or spells since it’s hexproof.

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Deepchannel Mentor No. 2

MTG Best Unblockable Cards – 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

Deepchannel Mentor is a blue Rogue card with a little greater mana cost (5 colorless and 1 island) than our initial choice but is just as good. This rare Merfolk Rogue is a blue creature that gives the Unblockable ability to other blue creatures you control.

That’s correct. ALL of your blue creatures become unblockable thanks to Deepchannel Mentor. That implies that, despite the fact that it cannot attack on its first turn on the battlefield, all other blue creatures on the board may (without immunity to blocking from opponents).

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3. The Helm of the Prowler

MTG Best Unblockable Cards – 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

The uncommon Artificat – Equiptment card Prowler’s Helm requires 2 colorless mana to cast. When you bring Prowler’s Helm into the battlefield, it gives one of your creatures the Unblockable ability (except for against wall-type creatures).

Once on the battlefield, equipping Prowler’s Helm to your chosen creature card costs an extra 2 colorless mana. You may also swap it from one monster to another by paying 2 colorless mana.

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4. Strike Against Distortion

MTG Best Unblockable Cards – 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

Distortion Strike, a blue sorcery card with a very cheap casting cost of only 1 island, is one of the most inexpensive and easy unblockable cards available. When Distortion Strike is activated, one of your creatures gets a +1/+0 boost to power and defense until the end of the round.

Distortion Strike, of course, also gives your target creature the Unblockable ability for the rest of the round. Distortion Strike has also resurfaced. That means you may play it for free during your next upkeep step from exile!

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5. Cloak of Whispersilk

MTG Best Unblockable Cards – 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

The Whispersilk Cloak must be mentioned in any list of the greatest unblockable cards. Whispersilk Cloak is an Aftifact – Equiptment card that costs 3 colorless mana to cast and 2 additional colorless mana to equip.

Whispersilk Cloak gives the monster it’s connected to Shroud and Unblockable. Shroud, like Hexproof, implies that the card cannot be the targer of other players’ spell abilities. Furthermore, you may swap Whispersilk Cloak to another creature at any time for 2 colorless mana.

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Rogue’s Passage is the sixth book in the Rogue’s Passage series.

MTG Best Unblockable Cards – 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

If you want the greatest unblockable cards in your deck, Rogue’s Passage is a must-have land. By tapping the land, you gain 1 colorless mana. Even more amazing, you can tap Rogue’s Passage for 4 colorless mana and make a creature you choose Unblockable for the round.

Rogue’s Passage is a versatile card to have in your Unblockable deck since it is less prone to be affected by opponents spells or abilities because it is a land card rather than an enchantment, sorcery, or creature.

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7. Bubble of Safety

MTG Best Unblockable Cards – 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

This blue Enchantment – Aura bestows itself onto any target creature of your choosing for 3 colorless mana and 1 island. The charmed monster possesses shroud and is unblockable.

Protective Bubble, unlike comparable instant and sorcery cards, remains in play round after turn until it is removed or destroyed by an opponent. Another significant advantage of this common blue card is that it is unaffected by other players’ spells and abilities.

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Latch Seeker (#8)

MTG Best Unblockable Cards – 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

The uncommon Creature – Spirit, Latch Seeker is one of the few straight-up creatures to make our list of the greatest Unblockable creatures. Latch Seeker is an Unblockable 3/1 blue Spirit Creature with a mana cost of 1 colorless and 2 islands.

Latch Seeker is ideal for a fast assault in round 3 or 4, when you want to start ripping chunks out of your opponent’s life before they have settled in for the lengthy game. If you have instants, enchantments, or sorceries to play, Latch Seeker is a fantastic main monster.

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General Scholar Lu Xun, No. 9

MTG Best Unblockable Cards – 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

Lu Xun, Scholar General, a Legendary Creature – Human Soldier, is a rare Unblockable blue card. To enter the battlefield, the general costs 2 colorless mana and 2 islands, and has a 1/3 power and defense.

Lu Xun, Scholar General may not be completely unblockable, but they won’t be able to stop him until they have Horsemen. You also get to draw a card whenever this Legendary Creature attacks and does damage!

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Aether Tunnel (number 10)

MTG Best Unblockable Cards – 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

This uncommon blue card is a great illustration of why so many blue cards made our list of the greatest uncommon cards in Magic: the Gathering. Aether Tunnel is inexpensive, effective, and has the potential to change the game’s tide early or late in the game.

Aether Tunnel enchants a creature and gives it a +1/+0 power and defense bonus for 1 colorless mana and 1 island. It also grants the charmed monster the power to be unblockable. This flexible card may easily be missed due to its cheap price and apparently simple function.

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Unblockable Cards in MTG: Frequently Asked Questions

In MTG, what does it mean to be unblockable?

Unblockable is a creature ability in Magic: the Gathering that enables them to attack without being blocked by creatures controlled by your opponents and accessible for blocking. Unbockable cards are also available that can only be stopped by certain kinds of cards.

Some Horsemen creature cards, for example, may only be blocked by other Horsemen creature cards. A Ninja creature card is also required to block a card with Ninjitsu abilities.

Can Unblockable Creatures be blocked by Hexproof Creatures?

In MTG, creatures with the Hexproof ability cannot be targeted by spells or abilities controlled by your opponents. That doesn’t take into account damage or blocking, thus Hexproof creature cards are just as powerless against Unblockable creatures as any other creature card.

Unblockable Creature Cards: Are They Worth It?

Unblockable creature cards are well worth the money and time to put into your MTG deck. Regardless of the mana cost, having Unblockable creatures on the board instills terror in your opponents. Once on the board, round after turn, utilize your Unblockable creatures to chip away at your opponent’s life.

Unblockable Cards have been a bit of a missing element in several types of Magic decks.  They’re strong, but also a bit tricky to use effectively.  A good situational card for a control or midrange deck, but not a great card for a control or midrange deck that happens to have a counter magic theme.  A good defense against a creature/removal heavy metagame, but not a good defense against a creature/removal heavy metagame that happens to have a counter magic theme.  In a black aggro deck, it’s a fine removal spell, but not a great removal spell.  In a white creature control deck, it’s a fine defense, but not a great defense.  In a creatureless control deck. Read more about mtg unblockable enchantment and let us know what you think.

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