Aluren is a powerful card that can be played in a variety of decks. This article will discuss five cards that are similar to Aluren and how they can be used in Modern Magic the Gathering.

Aluren is a blue creature with the power to copy any instant or sorcery spell in your graveyard. It has been a staple of Legacy decks since its release in 2001.

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Aluren is a powerful green-school Sorcery card that gives you the ability to play creatures as though they had Flash. These 5 MTG cards, like as Aluren, are excellent backups or secondary choices!

Aluren’s Top 5 MTG Cards

1. The Lineage of Descendants

Top 5 MTG Cards Like Aluren 2023

Descendants’ Path is an uncommon green Enchantment in the Descendants’ Path category. It costs 2 colorless and 1 woodland mana to cast.

Once in play, each time your upkeep begins, you may reveal the top card of your deck.

If you do reveal a card, put it into play without paying for it if it is a creature that shares a type with a creature you control.

If a card does not enter play, it is placed to the bottom of your deck.

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2. The End of Hibernation

Top 5 MTG Cards Like Aluren 2023

Hibernation’s End is a common green Enchantment with a cumulative upkeep of 1 and a casting cost of 4 colorless and 1 green mana from back in the day.

You get to search your deck for a creature with a mana cost equal to the number of turns Hibernation’s End has been on the field and put it into play whenever you pay the upkeep requirements for this card.

Each time you activate this ability, shuffle your deck.

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3. The Influence of Emrakul

Top 5 MTG Cards Like Aluren 2023

Emrakul’s Influence is a rare Enchantment card from the green school of Magic: the Gathering. It costs 2 colorless and 2 green mana to cast.

You may draw two cards whenever an Eldrazi creature with a converted mana cost of 7 or more is cast.

This card lets you get to the best cards in your deck faster than the opposing player in an Eldrazi deck, since the average creature costs much more than 7 mana.

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4. Equinox of the Vernal Equinox

Top 5 MTG Cards Like Aluren 2023

Vernal Equinox, another green Enchant, is the fourth card on the list of the greatest MTG cards like Alurn.

To cast this uncommon Enchantment, you’ll need 3 colorless and 1 green mana. When you play it, everyone in the game gets the ability to cast Instant spells on creatures and enchantments.

Consider it for a moment! Yeah!

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5. Pyrostatic Pillar is a kind of pyrostatic pillar.

Top 5 MTG Cards Like Aluren 2023

The final card on our list of MTG cards that are similar to Aluren is Pyrostatic Pillar. It’s a rare red enchantment that costs 1 colorless and 1 red mana to cast.

Once this card is in play, each player who casts a spell with a CMC of 1, 2, or 3 mana takes 2 damage.

As soon as this card lands on the board, you’ll start pinging every player in the game to death.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MTG Cards such as Aluren

What Does Aluren’s MTG Card Do?

Aluren is a strong rare green Enchantment card that gives you and every other player in the game the ability to play cards with a mana cost of three or less as if they were flash. That implies you and everyone else may cast creatures during any step on anyone’s turn as long as the creature costs less than 3 converted mana to cast.

Is Aluren any good?

If you have a deck consisting of creatures with 3 CMC or fewer, Aluren is a fantastic card. You’ll be able to keep playing your creatures until the battlefield is teeming with them as soon as Aluren enters the game.

How Can Aluren Help You Win At MTG?

Using Aluren to do what it does best is the greatest approach to win the game. That is, play it in a creature-heavy deck. Furthermore, all of your creature cards should have a converted mana cost of three or less. Simply play this card and then go on a never-ending creature-casting rampage.

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