The Amulet of Vigor is an uncommon card that can be found in Modern Masters 2015 Edition. This article will go over the strengths and weaknesses of this card, as well as how to best use it.

The mtg amulet of vigor combo is a card that has been designed for the Commander format. This card can be used to create infinite mana, which can then be used to cast any spell in your hand.

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Amulet of Vigor is a useful MTG card that enables you to repeatedly untap permanents. Here are 5 MTG cards that are similar to Amulet of Vigor that you should be aware of.

Amulet of Vigor is one of the top MTG cards.

1. The Brood’s Altar

MTG Cards Like Amulet of Vigor

The rare artifact card Altar of the Brood requires 1 colorless mana to cast. When the Altar of the Brood is on the battlefield, each of your opponents must place the top card of their deck into their graveyard whenever a permanent under your control enters into play.

It’s clear that this isn’t a real Pesudo-Amulet of Vigor, but it’s still a good substitute.

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2. Domination’s Staff

MTG Cards Like Amulet of Vigor

The Staff of Domination is the second of our MTG cards that are similar to Amulet of Vigor. It’s also the second Artifact card on our list that’s rare.

The card costs 3 colorless mana to cast and is much more valuable than the lands it needs.

Untap the Staff for 1 mana. You can gain one life point with two mana. You may untap a creature with three mana. You may tap a target creature with four mana. You may also draw a single card with five mana.

Outside of the 1-mana ability to untap the Staff, you must additionally tap the card for all of its mana-activated abilities.

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3. Gear for Adventure

MTG Cards Like Amulet of Vigor

Adventuring Gear, another Artifact card, is the third card on the list. This time, though, it’s just an ordinary Artifact.

Casting Adventuring Gear costs 1 mana. It enters into play with Landfall, giving the creature wearing it a +2/+2 until the end of the round whenever a land you control comes into play.

Equipping the card to a creature costs 1 colorless mana, and you may do so whenever you cast sorcery. Casting it onto the battlefield also only costs a single colorless mana.

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Staff of the Voyager

MTG Cards Like Amulet of Vigor

The Voyager Staff is an uncommon artifact that ranks fourth among MTG cards similar to Amulet of Vigor. It has a casting cost of 1 colorless mana, which is quite reasonable.

Once this staff is on the board, spend 2 colorless mana and sacrifice it to remove a creature from the game.

What’s the drawback? After your turn ends, the monster re-enters the game. Still, it’s a fun parlor trick for displacing a massive monster for a single round.

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5. Elixir of a Thousand Years

MTG Cards Like Amulet of Vigor

The Thousand-Year Elixir is a rare Artifact with a 3 colorless mana casting cost.

Once the card is on the board, tap it and untap a creature of your choosing for a single colorless mana.

You may also activate your creatures’ abilities as though they had haste as long as Thousand-Year Elixir is on the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MTG Cards such as Amulet of Vigor

What is the purpose of the MTG card Amulet of Vigor?

The rare Artifact card Amulet of Vigo enables you to untap permanents that enter the battlefield tapped. It’s a one-of-a-kind card that’s great for getting rid of summoning sickness. You may also untap a target creature by paying one colorless mana at any time.

How many MTG Amulet of Vigor cards are there?

Amulet of Vigor is one of the few cards that works precisely as it should. There are a few cards, though, that enable you to untap another card on the battlefield or reverse an ETB condition.

Is it Worth It to Buy Pseudo-Amulet of Vigor Cards?

If you’re playing with cards that tend to enter the battlefield tapped, whether they’re double lands, creatures, or anything else, pseudo-Amulet of Vigor cards are well worth the investment. As a result, you’ll be able to untap them and get a significant advantage for the round.

The cards like crucible of worlds is a card that has been out for a while. It’s a great card to have in your deck and it’s also very cheap.

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