My Rocelco desk converter arrived, and I was stunned at the quality of the parts, and how well they were packaged. The shipping box was very large, but the box was well-built and sturdy. I was impressed by the storage box they used in the shipping process (which I saved as an “extra” box for other purposes).

Have you ever wanted to switch from a standard pedestal desk to a standing desk but were unsure of which product to choose? Well, the Rocelco Vari Standing Desk Converter and the Vari Standing Desk Converter are two of the best options on the market, but which one is the best?

I’ve reviewed several standing desks, and they’ve all had their ups and downs. The Rocelco is a variation on a standing desk that’s a little more generous with its height adjustment, and a lot more flexible than other standing desks. However, it doesn’t stack up to my favorite standing desks, which are the Vari Verti and the Varidesk.

Let’s compare the most popular models of these brands – ROCELCO DADR-40′ and Vari Pro plus 36′. Both devices are almost in the same price range, they belong to the mid-range of standing desk converters.

We will examine the differences and their advantages and disadvantages. And at the end of the day, we decide what we think is best for you.

Construction and mechanical engineering

The ROCELCO DADR converter has a platform that looks fragile and cheap. The overall look of the device is not very elegant. In terms of manufacturing and design, you get what you pay for. The whole platform is pretty simple and basic. We also think it’s a little square. So it is not for those who are looking for a stylish standing desk converter.

Rocelco vs Vari Standing Desk Converter Showdown

The steel used in the DADR version is of a lower quality, so the aircraft has a rougher surface. It is not as refined as the more expensive models. This is also due to the fact that cheaper materials are used to keep the price affordable.

On the other hand, the Vari pro plus is well made and has better quality materials. You can immediately feel that it is made of high quality materials. Nothing has been left out in the production of this bar table converter.

Rocelco vs Vari Standing Desk Converter Showdown

The Pro Plus’ keyboard and drawer are made of particleboard covered with plastic laminate. You can also buy the device in white or black. And we love the luxurious feel of the white Pro Plus 36. It has a fine, graduated texture.

In terms of finish and design, the ProPlus 36 feels more luxurious and refined. It’s also more durable and doesn’t look cheap or brittle. And it looks like it could be a long time.

Table top and frame

The working area of the Pro Plus table is quite large. It can provide more space for a more complex installation. The Pro Plus has a Z-shaped design. Such a construction may take up more space. So this is something to consider if you want to buy Varidesk Pro Plus. It takes up very little space on your desk. So we have to take that into account. And this standing transformation table is not for those looking for a minimalist look.

The Rocelco DADR also offers a large working area. His office even has room for two monitors. Unlike the Varidesk, the ROCELCO can be adjusted directly up and down. Therefore, it does not take up much space. Therefore, it occupies a smaller area. This makes it ideal for those who don’t have much space in their home office. This can also be beneficial for a minimalist installation. Another plus is the slide-out keyboard tray that can be removed when not in use. This makes up for the simplicity of the installation

For a minimalist workplace, ROCELCO DADR meets this requirement. The device does not take up much space because it can also be adjusted in height. The Varidesk takes up more space due to its Z-shaped design, it tilts slightly forward in the frame. Moreover, the tray is quite thick and can take up more space.

Installation and adjustment

Varidesk can be used directly from the packaging. You don’t have to set it up. It comes fully assembled and all you have to do is remove the liner. Note, however, that this upright transformer table is quite heavy. So you’ll have to put a little effort into unpacking it.

DADR, on the other hand, is ready for immediate use. As with Pro Plus, you don’t need to install or build anything.

Both tables can be used immediately after unpacking. But we will give Varidesk the win in this category. ROCELCO seems too light and fragile.

Ergonomics, adjustment and stability

The maximum height of standing desk conversions also depends on the table on which you want to place the device. But let’s speculate a bit more about the limits these two devices can reach. And are they ergonomic enough?

First: Varidesk can reach a height of 17. 5 inches and the lowest point is 4.5 inches. If you put it on a standard-sized table, it will be sufficient for people between 1.8 and 2.5 meters tall. At this point, you may not be able to bend your elbows to a position close to 90 degrees, which is the most comfortable. So it is not the most comfortable device for tall people, but it is sufficient if you do not plan to work on it all day.

One of the problems we had, however, was with the tray table. It is quite thick and can be uncomfortable for tall people. Therefore, using a lower table may solve the problem. Or tall people should just choose a different table.

As for durability, it wobbles a bit, but not to the point of having to stop working. It’s a little wobbly, but it’s not the kind of desk that shakes every time you type on a laptop. However, when the desktop is used by an average-sized user, no fluctuations occur; the fluctuations start when the desktop gets higher.

As far as settings go, Varidesk is easily adjustable. The weight is significant, but you won’t strain your muscles when you change the height of the table. It is supported by gas springs. This way you cannot lift the table yourself.

The ROCELCO can go from 5 to 20 inches. So it definitely has more room for taller people. And we like that the keyboard is slide-out. So if you only have one monitor, you can place the keyboard on the top level. This prevents the keyboard tray from getting in the way.

This cheap inverter for standing desks is quite sturdy and stable. However, you will have to strain your muscles to raise this table or change its height.

This category can be tricky. The ROCELCO is more stable at all heights. But it’s hard to adapt. Vardiesk, on the other hand, is not as stable at the higher settings. Compared to the ROCELCO, it has no sliding shelf and the height adjustment is limited. But it’s easier to adapt. And it can be stable for medium-sized users. So it’s a draw.

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  1. Varidesk has no equal in terms of aesthetics and construction. Judging by its elegant appearance, it is a beautiful table. Moreover, you can choose the color of the whole device. This device has some mass, so it is robust and can last longer.
  2. The ROCELCO looks simple and is made of a less expensive and fragile material. Plus, it’s light. There’s nothing attractive about it in terms of overall aesthetics.
  3. Surprisingly, the ROCELCO has more advantages in terms of stability and ergonomics. We love a slide-out keyboard, and VARIDESK doesn’t have one. It also has a wider height adjustment range, so more users can find their chair comfortable.
  4. Varidesk can be stable, but not at the highest settings. Therefore, we recommend it for small to medium users. The height of the table can also be easily adjusted.
  5. Both devices offer a large working range for a well thought out installation.
  6. In terms of durability, Vardiesk can last longer thanks to the superior quality of materials and construction.
  7. In terms of price, both tables are almost in the same price range.

Last word

Both tables are in the same price range, so the Varidesk PromPLus 36 is the winner. We like it for its robust design and construction. Despite the lack of ergonomics for tall people, small and medium users will find it comfortable.

The ROCELCO may have more features, but a cheap, fragile design is no guarantee of longevity.I recently decided to try out a standing desk. I talk about my experience in this post.. Read more about rocelco 37.5” deluxe height adjustable standing desk converter and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best standing desk converters?

The best standing desk converters are those that are adjustable, have a good range of height adjustments, and can be used with a variety of desks.

Is a standing desk converter worth it?

A standing desk converter is worth it if you have a desk that is too low for your height.

What should I look for in a standing desk conversion?

The most important thing to look for in a standing desk conversion is the height of the desk. The height should be adjustable so that you can raise or lower it as needed.

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