This is the third year we have reviewed this product, and each year we find ourselves very impressed with how well it works. For the most part, it’s a great product that helps users stand up more every day. We have taken various measurements on the number of people using standing desks around the office, and we are finding that more and more people are opting for them.

The truth is that a standing desk is an amazing way to help both your body and your mind. Since I started using a standing desk a little over two months ago, I’ve been on a mission to understand the health benefits of standing.

Sitting at a desk all day can be a major hassle, so standing desks have become all the rage in recent years to help with back pain, muscle soreness, and overall health. However, while standing desks are thought to be the most effective solution, we’ve been curious about their impact on our health and productivity.

Have you ever noticed how standing desks look like a giant block of concrete on every desk in the office? Are people standing all day long or are they just faking it for the sake of saving their backs? Which is better: sitting, standing, or both?

After a few months of reflection, we decided to give up. We decided to buy a bar table to replace the traditional table. There are many good reviews and praise for the standing desk. So there’s something in there, right?

So we will share our experiences. In addition, we were concerned about the cost of the operation. First: Does it really offer any health benefits? And is there sufficient scientific evidence to support these claims? 2. What are the disadvantages of using it? Third: Do you need accessories and which are the best? Fourth, what options there are and which option is best. There are a lot of them, aren’t there? So let’s go.

What We Discoveredafter Using a Standing Desk for Several Months

Are standing desks really healthy?

This is probably one of the main reasons why many people have adopted this new technology. Prolonged sitting is associated with a range of health problems. From diabetes to cardiovascular disease. They say sitting is the new smoking.

1. We have found that standing desks actually reduce the time you spend sitting.

Especially the first few weeks, you’re standing more than you’re sitting. However, as the days and months go by, this number decreases. They don’t get up as often as they used to.

So even if there is a reduction in the number of seats, it’s not that important. We’ve been down 3-4 hours. Over time, however, this activity was reduced to one or two hours a day. But it’s better than nothing, right?

Standing desks therefore help reduce sitting time. In this case, it’s a matter of how much less.

2. You’ll burn more calories with a standing desk

Compared to sitting, you burn 8 more calories per day by sitting. It’s not much in terms of energy consumption, but it can still answer the question of what makes you burn more.

But if you want to lose weight standing up, we have bad news for you. Eight calories a day is 42 a week. This is very little to lead to fat loss. So, if you want to lose weight, it’s best to exercise or get on your bike and do HIIT for faster results.

3. Can standing desks reduce stress and fatigue?

Again, this is a polarizing statement from some brands. It seems that a standing desk can help lower stress levels. Is that right? As for us, we don’t think it reduces stress. Especially if you stand for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time, your legs and feet become tired and painful.

In addition, there are professions that require standing all day, such as salespeople or people working in construction. They were on their feet most of the day and we heard nothing of any stress relief. Prolonged standing is just as bad as prolonged sitting.

4. Does it improve performance?

What We Discoveredafter Using a Standing Desk for Several Months

We found no association between standing tables and increased productivity. On the contrary, it seems distracting. Because your brain controls your feet and legs, your concentration is divided.

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Multiple options

What We Discoveredafter Using a Standing Desk for Several Months

When choosing standing desks, you will be surprised by the number of options available to you. And it wasn’t easy, so we had to dig a little deeper. Some are also cheaper than buying a standing desk.

In the meantime, if you don’t want to spend money on it, you can just get up from your desk and walk around. Although it doesn’t give you much less time to land. And that’s nothing to brag about to his friends.

Transfer unit for high tables

We have come across two types of high table movers: manual, ladder and lift. This is a cheaper solution than buying a standing desk. These devices allow you to lift your computer or monitor just a few inches from your desk. But the problem is that they take up a lot of space on your desk.

So, if you ask us, we’d rather save money and buy a new table than buy a converted one.

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Offices with manual adjustment

  • A table with a crank is a failure because it takes forever to adjust it. Not to mention that it can be taxing on the hands. And if you have to go from standing to sitting several times a day, imagine how many times you have to pull the lever.
  • Inverters with a gas lift are easier to adjust than those with a manual lift. However, they have limited carrying capacity. If you exceed the maximum weight of 15 kg, you must carry the additional weight yourself. If your table weighs less than 15 kg, the same lifting procedure should be used to move tables in the seated position. So it will always be an arm workout. Therefore, there must be exactly 15 kg on the table so that no muscle is lifted.

Electric tables with up/down keys

This is a less expensive type of electric standing desk. But it only has up and down buttons. Therefore, there is no preferred set of elevation settings.

This is still awkward because you have to hold the knob up or down until the table reaches the right height.

Like manual standing desks, they have the same limitations. It will be difficult to remember your preferred altitude settings. So you always have to guess.

Electric table with memory presets

It is now an advanced standing desk. They often offer 3 or 4 height options, so you can choose one for sitting and one for standing. So if you want to move a table, just press the button once and it moves by itself.

Single or twin engine

Tables with two motors are more stable and run more quietly. But they also have a higher price.

Tri-Level Standing Desk

There are also tables with three levels. This option is more advanced and gives you more options to set the height.

Additional functions

So other features make the electric table a worthy purchase. First of all, the anti-collision features are very useful, especially if you have children. The table automatically stops if it comes into contact with something or someone. This also prevents the table from constantly hitting an object in its path.

Second: Some bar tables have a C-shaped base. Instead of the standard uprights, the legs are angled towards the back of the table. We consider this type of foot to be more versatile. It gives us more room. And if you want to increase stability, you can equip it with a crossbar without compromising legroom.

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What we have learned about leg lists

It seems that all one-legged frames are pretty much the same. If you look at the various popular standing desks, such as Uplift, Jarvis and MaidenSite, you will see that they have almost the same frame, made in China.

What We Discoveredafter Using a Standing Desk for Several Months

But what’s interesting is that some are much more expensive than others, even if they come from the same supplier. Aso, there is a lot of shallow marketing and fake reviews. Manufacturers can pay users who leave positive reviews on their websites. That’s why we don’t rely on the reviews that are on the brand’s website. You probably won’t find anything negative about it.

Our conclusion: If you want simple frames, go for the cheapest ones you can find. They are all made of the same material because they come from the same suppliers. It seems that many brands don’t make their leg frames themselves, but have them made externally.

Generally, the most economical option is to buy the cheapest frame and purchase a separate desk. It will cost much less. You can choose an elegant IKEA Linnmon countertop. And for a smaller table, you get a discount of about $7.

Otherwise, if you need a specific size, a large countertop will work just as well. In fact, there are many reasons why a countertop is a better option than a freestanding countertop.

First, it offers more possibilities of texture and style. If you just buy a glossy painted board, it will also be incredibly cheap. Then you can cut it to the desired size. This way you can use a second tray for a second table. And why not sell additional products online for additional revenue. This reduces the total cost of the standing desk.

Third: These tables are more resistant to heat. Since they are designed to be used in the kitchen, you will not feel uncomfortable drinking or eating on your bar table.

But of course, not everything is good, there are drawbacks. You have to glue the edges yourself.

Which accessory is most important?

There are many accessories you can buy for your standing desk. And these are just the main ones we think deserve a place on your table.

What We Discoveredafter Using a Standing Desk for Several Months

Because the legs have to be moved, you won’t see many standing desks with drawers. And you have to scour the internet to find a binder that isn’t too long to fit under your desk. Our top choice is the Helmer from IKEA. It’s pretty cheap and looks good thanks to the metal material. It would also look good next to left-handed metal frames.

If you’re used to using your laptop for work, screens can be a game changer. Moreover, installing two monitors can make your work more efficient.

If you want to free up space under your desk, screen brackets come in very handy. This will also correct your posture. You can adjust the tilt, angle and height of the monitors so you don’t have to bend your head forward.

What is the best stand for a monitor? We have found that the same thing happens to executives. Almost all consoles are the same. So there is no harm in buying the cheapest device.

Since the monitor is away from the desk, a separate mouse and keyboard must be purchased. Again: You don’t have to buy the more expensive ones, the cheaper ones work fine too.

Without an effective cable management system, all wires and cables get tangled. And you can take our advice to heart when it comes to your cable management system.

For the extension cord, since they have holes to hang something from, you can clip it under the table. This way, only one wire is exposed when the table moves.

In addition, a main line is very useful for wiring. You can stow all wires and cables in the boot.

Allows you to secure your phone and attach it to your laptop. You can use it as a webcam, isn’t that great?

It holds your phone comfortably so you can keep it upright while charging. Even if it is not necessary, it is very practical to have one.

What We Discoveredafter Using a Standing Desk for Several Months

Now, the disadvantages

Observed offset

Either way, we’re not getting rid of that hesitation. Yes, you can still work on your laptop and it won’t shake uncontrollably. But compared to a traditional table, it’s not as strong. If you have C-shaped legs, you can add a crossbar to increase stability. However, this solution is not recommended for standing impact tables, as the legroom will be reduced.

No impact protection system

If you purchase cheaper options, this feature may not be available.


Cheaper offices also have a more limited warranty, some even offering only one year. So if the table breaks down after the warranty period, you’re on your own.

How much does a standing desk cost?

We choose the cheapest option described above. The table top cost us about $340-$400 and the accessories $490-$520. The $800-$900 price range is decent and cheap for an electric standing desk with the necessary accessories.

And even after several months of use, we still find the table very useful. And we think it’s for the long haul. And we felt better when the effects of the chair wore off. It is also possible to switch from sitting to standing at any time.

So, are you going to do it?

In our experience, yes, it does make a difference in daily work. But not really for the supposed health benefits. Scientific research is too vague to establish this. But these tables are really, really cool and elegant.

And it can break up the monotony in the office.When you are involved in a sedentary profession, the idea of a standing desk makes sense. But it seems that a number of the “advice” sites I read make claims about how bad sitting is and how great the standing desk is.

The truth is that both of these claims are exaggerated. Sitting is definitely a problem, but there is no evidence that a standing desk is an effective solution.. Read more about benefits of standing desk reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How a standing desk changed my life?

I was a desk jockey for years. I would sit at my desk all day and then go home to sit on the couch. I had no energy, no motivation, and felt like a zombie. After switching to a standing desk, I feel more alive and have more energy than ever before!

What are the benefits of a standing desk?

A standing desk can help you: – Reduce the risk of back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders – Increase productivity by reducing fatigue and increasing energy levels – Improve posture, balance, and coordination – Reduce the risk of obesity – Improve mood and reduce stress – Increase your ability to focus – Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease – Improve your sleep quality – Reduce the risk of diabetes – Reduce the risk of cancer – Improve your sex life – Reduce the risk of depression – Reduce the risk of falls – Improve your overall health

What are the benefits of standing for a long time?

Standing for a long time can help you to: – Increase your blood circulation – Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke – Improve your mood – Reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes – Improve your sleep – Reduce your risk of developing cancer – Improve your posture – Reduce the risk of developing arthritis – Reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure – Reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis – Improve your digestion – Reduce your risk of developing depression – Improve your sex life

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