The comic book publishing industry has grown exponentially over the last decade with a number of comic book publishers such as Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Boom! Studios. Comic books are becoming more mainstream with blockbuster movies and TV shows, such as Daredevil, Gotham, and Arrow, and the success of Marvel’s The Avengers. Now, the interest in comic books among readers has grown to the extent that many people are sharing and reading comics online.

If you’re on the hunt for the best comic books you can read in 2024, then you should start with this list. These are the best comics to read next year, and all of these books have been recommended by a number of my friends, people I’ve worked with, and even some people I’ve met through social media.

Now that we’ve reached 2024, we’re pleased to report that the comic book industry is stronger than ever. The genre has grown exponentially in the past two years, with new comic book series popping up all over the place. Here at Manyproductsreviews, we’re dedicated to providing you with reviews of both new and old comic books, so you can see for yourself which are the best.

We understand that almost all popular comics have been adapted into movies and TV series, but the pleasure of reading comics can only be understood by a true comics fan. If you are a comic book fan or have recently become interested in comics, you can’t get enough of them and are probably looking for the best and newest comics to read. This can be a bit tricky, as you may be new to this and not know what good comics are available to you. That’s where you need help, and that’s where we come in.

There are of course a million comics available to you, but will you read them all? I don’t think so. You want the best comic that fits your interests and keeps you interested. With too many comics to buy, you may feel overwhelmed. That’s why you need our help. We are here to save you from sifting through a huge amount of comics to choose the best one. Here we have listed 11 of the best comics that you are sure to love.

So check out the following list of the best comics and choose the one that suits you best.

Best Strips

1. 300 Frank Miller

Top 11 Best Comic Books To Read 2024

Our first choice on the list of best comics is 300. Many comic fans have enjoyed this comic, and you will too. This iconic comic shows the connection between superheroes and Greek myth.

The comic is brilliantly done and tells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, in which 300 Greek Spartans took on an entire Persian army. It will be fun to read this action comic because it has the best execution and graphics, so every reader will enjoy this lead comic.

Like most popular comics, this one has been adapted, and a big-budget sequel is in the works. Overall, if you like meaningful, action-packed, exciting plots, as well as quality literature and artwork, then this is the best comic for you.

2. Homesick Pilot Dan Watters

Top 11 Best Comic Books To Read 2024

The Homecoming pilot came in at #2 on our list of best comics, and it won’t disappoint either. One of the most interesting and exciting aspects of this comic is that it covers two completely different genres: teenage punk rock culture and haunted houses.

The comic is mesmerizing with its enchanting illustrations and graphics, it is both elegant and solid. To make the story even more interesting, the authors have added a magical combination that makes this comic even more fun and interesting.

Overall, from the storyline to the design, this comic has a lot to offer readers, making it the best 2024 comic you should read this year.

3. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Top 11 Best Comic Books To Read 2024

When it comes to the best comic books of all time, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is a title that immediately comes to mind. Most of you may have already read this comic, but we couldn’t complete our list without this cult classic by Frank Miller. This comic book is as relevant today as it was when it first appeared in 1997.

The comic begins with the return of the Dark Knight and the sudden chaos in Gotham City. Now it’s up to Batman to unravel everything and figure out what’s going on before it’s too late. The Joker is back, and this time he seems more powerful than ever. How will Batman fight them and win? Here’s a question that won’t get you out of this book.

The book was made into a film of the same name, which also became a worldwide success. The book has the best storyline with the best action scenes and exciting experiences, making it somewhat of a must-read comic book that you should read immediately if you haven’t already!

4. City of Glass by David Mazzucchelli and Paul Oster

Top 11 Best Comic Books To Read 2024

City of Glass is a great comic book that you absolutely must read. This book has many reasons that make you want to read it right out and even read it again and again. This comic book has a puzzle that you try to solve with each word you read in the comic book.

There is tremendous tension here, which will surprise you, and tremendous confusion. There’s a lot happening, and at the same time it’s so much fun to keep track of everything and find clues as the story progresses.

All in all, if you’re a fan of the kind of stories that keep you on the edge of your seat until the end, then this is the perfect comic for you and you’ll enjoy it until the last page. So go buy it now, because it’s too good to pass up.

5. Invincible by Robert Kirkman

Top 11 Best Comic Books To Read 2024

Next on our list of best comics is Invincible by Robert Kirkman. You may also know him as the creator of The Walking Dead, one of the classics of zombie fiction. If you know his work, you’re already a fan, and you can expect nothing less from Unbreakable.

This comic is violent, exciting and breathtaking. You will witness unusual actions and experience everything. The story is about 17-year-old Mark Grayson, who has inherited superpowers. But being a hero is not what he imagined, and things happen that he never dreamed of.

This comic is not for kids or frivolous people, so make sure you can read it!

6. Marvels by Alex Ross

Top 11 Best Comic Books To Read 2024

Our list of the best comics finally includes Marvel, and it’s a list any Marvel fan will love. This book is another masterpiece by Alex Ross, a popular author and comic book writer. This is a different kind of comic book where we learn how each superhero’s story affects the world and humanity as a whole. It tells thirty-five years of Marvel superhero history from the perspective of Phil Sheldon, a newspaper photographer who has witnessed some of the most spectacular battles over the years.

This comic is a must for any Marvel fan, and if you are one, you will definitely love it.

7. Sandman by Neil Gaiman

Top 11 Best Comic Books To Read 2024

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is one of the best-selling comics you should read. Neil Gaiman is a bestselling author who has written numerous novels and comics over the course of his career, and you may also know him as the writer of the popular TV series Doctor Who.

The Sandman is written in his characteristic style, in which mythology, folklore and fairy tales are perfectly mixed. This is a series where you will find a variety of characters and their interesting plots. Overall, this book should be a fascinating read for any comic book fan.

8. Sin City by Frank Miller

Top 11 Best Comic Books To Read 2024

Frank Miller is arguably the best comic book author, as he has written many great comics, including Sin City. This series consists of seven comics, so you have time to fully enjoy it and learn more about Sin City and the lives of its characters.

The stories are dark, brooding and violent, making it one of our favorite comic book series. This movie will probably interest you if you like thrillers, gangster movies and crime thrillers. These stories were adapted into the acclaimed film of the same name. So you have many reasons to read this comic series.

9. V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd

Top 11 Best Comic Books To Read 2024

If you like mystery comics and thrillers, then V For Vendetta is the best comic you should read. This is a comic you want to buy, if only for the mysterious cover.

The book is about a mysterious man who wears a mask and is able to do mysterious things – things that no one can imagine. The book deals with themes of fear, hate, human weakness and strength. The story is brilliantly written and readers will be captivated until the last page.

This comic will also appeal to those who are not big fans of comics.


Top 11 Best Comic Books To Read 2024

Legends of Extraordinary Gentlemen is another famous work of Alan Moore that you should know. This comic is about several old characters like the Invisible Man, Captain Nemo, and Mr. Hyde is on a mission to save the world, but from what? Well, that’s something worth reading in this comic.

11. Kingdom Come by Alex Ross

Top 11 Best Comic Books To Read 2024

Kingdom Come is also one of the best comics of all time, and it’s a DC comic written by Alex Ross. Several superheroes are on a mission to save the world from unusual antagonists. So if you’re in the mood to read something like Justice League, this comic should be your favorite.


So here are some of the top rated comics you can find today. These comics have been recommended by great comic fans, and you can definitely expect something good from them. Overall, we’ve listed the top rated comics in different genres so you can find the one that suits you. This overview article on the best comic books will also help anyone who wants to give someone the best comic book.

That’s it for now, and we hope you found some good comics to read on your own.

Author : aamir

You don’t have to show your attitude to convince the world,
Just smile and move forward to achieve your goals!In 2024, Marvel will relaunch its entire line of comic books, starting with a line-wide relaunch called “Marvel 2024”. It will be the largest relaunch of a comics line in history.

As part of the relaunch, Marvel has hired a new Editor-in-Chief with a massive amount of comic book experience: EIC 2024, Marvel’s Editorial Director for 2024. In this blog, I aim to collect my top 11 favorite comic books to read in 2024, so anyone interested in the future of Marvel’s comic book line can find something to enjoy.. Read more about best comics april 2024 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comics should I read 2024?

The best comics to read in 2024 are the ones that are coming out now.

What are the best comic books right now?

The best comic books right now are The Walking Dead, Saga, and Batman.

Where should I start in Marvel 2024?

The best place to start is with the Marvel Universe Handbook.

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