Wizards of the Coast is on the verge of releasing their next set of Magic: The Gathering cards. “Jund” is one of the most popular archetypes in the game, and the best way to build it is with powerful creatures and removal, which is exactly what the new set will contain.

MTG Jund is a popular and competitive archetype for the Modern format. It has relatively few unique cards but has a strong card draw engine, a powerful game plan, and a lot of synergies. I want to review the best cards in the set, and estimate likely impact this set will have on the format.

7 Best MTG Jund Cards (2024 Edition)

Yurlock of Scorch Thrash essentially brings back an old mechanic called Mana Burning. Burning mana was an outdated mechanism that required players to use all the mana in their mana pool before the end of the turn. Otherwise, they take damage for every mana point left in their mana pool.

Not only does Yurlock force players to be very careful with the mana they generate, but he also gives each player three mana. This may seem like a disadvantage at first glance, but if each player can’t use all three mana, it means they’re taking damage.

This makes Jurlock particularly effective against decks that do not use Jund colors, or decks that do not use all Jund colors. They may not be able to do anything with the mana Yurlock gives them, effectively doing three damage over and over again.

General questions on Jund in MTG

Is Jund a good deck?

The colors of Jund, like almost any other color combination, can make a good deck. This may seem like a cop-out, but the power of a game depends heavily on the knowledge and skill of the player.

Jund Commanders has gotten some excellent additions in recent years though, so we think it’s still a viable color combination in this format. If you’re looking for our suggestions on the best color combinations in MTG, you should check out our list of the best color combinations .

How can I beat Jund?

Does anyone in your playgroup have an annoying Jund game you’re trying to beat? Let’s look at some common strategies that are very effective against Jund.

Note, however, that this depends on the opponent’s specific strategy. In this section, we will simply look at some common strategies in Jund decks and how to deal with them.

Jund decks tend to be very creature saturated, so expect lots of -wiping boards for any deck you play against them. There are also many fog cards that prevent combat damage and make creature attacks ineffective. A well-known example is the simple name Fog.

If you’re looking for a particularly brutal deck, consider a Stax deck. Stack decks are decks designed to prevent others from doing anything, including casting creatures. For example, one of Stax’s infamous commanders is the Great Arbiter Augustine IV.

You can also fight fire with fire. With a creature-based deck, you can make sure you have enough blockers on your side of the battlefield to protect you from combat damage.

What does Jund mean?

I wonder what the word Jund means? To find the answer to this question, we need to take a trip into the history of Magic: the Gathering.

The story of MTG takes place in the so-called multiverse, a game world divided into several levels. Each level is essentially its own dimension, with its own world and inhabitants.

Jund comes from the plain of Alar, which was once an ordinary plain. However, Alara was divided into several parts, and one of them was called Jund.

Jund, like the colors it represents, is a violent place. It is filled with explosive volcanoes, bubbling tar and monstrous dragons. If you want to know more, you can read this wiki page about the Jund.

Ending in

Jund is a great color combination if you want to do something fast, aggressive and painful for your opponents. Remember that creature-based decks have many weaknesses, and high-level players usually have no problem removing them.

You could think about protecting your creatures with keywords like Hexproof. You can check out our MTG with Hex artifact list for examples of cards that can help protect your creatures.

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