Magic the Gathering is a collectible card game that has been around since 1993. The game’s cards are divided into different colors and each color has its own strengths and weaknesses. This article will cover some of the best blue flying creatures in Magic the Gathering.

The best flying creatures mtg is a product review of the best blue flying creatures.

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Blue creatures aren’t only difficult for your opponents to reach; they’re also difficult to deal with in general. Find out why these are the greatest blue flying monsters in MTG by reading on!

Best Blue Flying Creatures in MTG

1. The Imagination Archetype

MTG Best Blue Flying Creatures

The Human Wizard Enchantment Creature, Archetype of Imagination is the #1 card on our list of MTG’s greatest blue flying creatures.

It’s an uncommon 3/2 creature with a mana cost of 4 colorless and 2 blue (and it’s well worth it!).

When Archetype of Imagination enters the battlefield, all creatures you control get the ability to fly.

But hold on a second. There’s more: your adversary’s animals lose their flying skills and are unable to regain them!

Isn’t it incredible? Absolutely.

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2. God-Eternal Kefnet (God-Eternal Kefnet)

MTG Best Blue Flying Creatures

The second creature card on our list of the top ten greatest blue flying monsters in MTG is God-Eternal Kefnet. This is a legendary uncommon with some really incredible powers.

A Legendary Creature with a rating of 4/5 Zombie God, the Eternal God To cast the Kefnet card, you’ll need 2 colorless and 2 blue mana. If you ask us, it is insignificant in comparison to the benefits you will get.

You may reveal the top card of your deck when drawing the first card on your turn, in addition to being a flyer. You may create a copy and play it for free if it is an Instant or Sorcery with a cost of less than 2.

Maybe the greatest part? You get to place this Zombie God back into your deck instead of exiling him if he dies or is exiled by an opponent (three cards from the top).

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3. Regent of the Icefall

MTG Best Blue Flying Creatures

The uncommon blue flier Icefall Regent has 4 power and 3 toughness. It has a cost of 3 colorless and 2 blue mana to cast.

You compel an opponent to tap a creature he or she controls when Icefall Regent enters the battlefield. For as long as Icefall Regent is in your control on the battlefield, it does not untap during the player’s untap step.

Furthermore, whenever your opponent casts a spell that targets this rare blue Dragon creature card, they must pay an extra 2 mana or the spell will fail.

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4. The Last Word Sphinx

MTG Best Blue Flying Creatures

Sphinx of the Final World is a mythic rare blue flyer with a power rating of 5 and a toughness rating of 5.

To put the card out onto the battlefield, it costs 5 colorless and 2 blue mana, which is a little pricey but well worth it.

This huge man can’t be stopped once he steps onto the pitch. In addition, he is hexproof.

Furthermore, spells or abilities can’t counter instants or sorceries you’re using as long as he’s alive.

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5. Dragon of Mindscour

MTG Best Blue Flying Creatures

Mindscour Dragon is an uncommon blue flyer with a 4/4 stat line and a mana cost of 4 colorless and 2 blue.

In addition to being a flying creature, whenever this Dragon delivers combat damage to an opponent, that player must mill the top four cards of his or her deck.

This implies that if you successfully strike with this card, your opponent must discard four cards to their graveyard.

Several effective strikes with this blue Dragon will result in a devastating loss for your opponents.

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Drake’s Viral

MTG Best Blue Flying Creatures

The Viral Drak is a classic blue flyer that deserves to be included in every MTG top blue flying creature list.

It isn’t the strongest, but it is a superb blocker with some really amazing skills.

Viral Drake is an uncommon Drake creature card with 1 power and 4 toughness, as well as the abilities Infect and Proliferate.

This implies that instead of doing combat damage, you may inflict damage in the form of -1/-1 poison counters.

You may also spend 3 colorless and 1 blue mana to put multiple counters on target cards.

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Sphinx of the Consecrated

MTG Best Blue Flying Creatures

The Sphinx monster, Consecrated Sphinx, is number seven on our list of the top ten MTG greatest blue flying creatures.

The Consecrated Sphinx is a mythic rare with 4 power and 6 toughness that requires 4 colorless mana and 2 islands to put into the field.

Consecrated Sphinx is a large and powerful blue school flying monster that also lets you to draw two cards for every one an opponent draws.

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Phantasmal Dragon is number eight on the list.

MTG Best Blue Flying Creatures

The Phantasmal Dragon is a rare class 5/5 Dragon Illusion monster. It costs two colorless and two blue mana to cast.

It’s a flying monster with a lot of strength and toughness that can swoop past opponent-controlled ground creatures and deliver terrible strikes to opposing players.

What’s the drawback to this card? When the Dragon Illusion is targeted by a creature’s ability or spell, it must be sacrificed.

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Faerie Swarm (number 9)

MTG Best Blue Flying Creatures

The card that comes in second to last on our MTG greatest blue flying creatures list is a monster.

Faerie Swarm is a common Faerie with the potential to become a rare or mythic monster in future Magic the Gathering expansions.

It’s a steal at three colorless and one blue mana to cast.

The amount of blue permanents you control determines the power and toughness of this blue flier.

Have you have eight blue mana on the field? This bad guy has recently been upgraded to an 8/8 flyer. Next turn, play a land to make it a 9/9.

Nobody on the opposite side of the battlefield is safe from Faerie Swarm!

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10. Sphinx of Prognosis

MTG Best Blue Flying Creatures

The Prognostic Sphinx is a fascinating creature. It is an uncommon blue school Sphinx creature with 3 power and 5 toughness.

It’s a great attacker and even better defender.

In addition to being able to fly, the card may also become hexproof until the end of the round. It’s as simple as drawing a card and tapping it. This ability’s primary purpose is to prevent the card from being destroyed.

What’s the greatest part? The Scry 3 ability is granted by this knowledgeable old Sphinx. Each round, you get a sneak look at the next three cards in your deck and may rearrange them as you like (including putting them on the bottom).

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Best Blue Flying Creatures Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It About Blue Flying Creatures That Makes It So Good?

Blue flyers are among the most difficult flying creatures in MTG. Blue flyers have the greatest magical powers when compared to other colors of flyers. Scry, Proliferate, Counterspell, Hexproof, and other benefits are often included with blue flyers. This makes it difficult to deal with them without using all of your sorceries and instants.

With a Blue Flyer deck, how do you win in MTG?

The tactical advantage of blue flying decks is a little shady. Most of the time, all you have to do is get them out on the battlefield, keep them there, and abuse their skills. Return graveyard cards, counterspells, soar over your opponent’s ground-based creatures, and generally cause havoc until it’s “GG.”

MTG Best Blue Flying Creatures is a product review of the mtg blue flying deck. The reviewer gives the card game a rating of three out of five stars.

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