The best cards in Magic: the Gathering are a tricky question. There’s no easy answer, and finding what you’re looking for can take time and effort. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best 0 mana cards in MTG to help you find your next favorite card!

The mtg 0 cost instants are cards that have no mana cost. These cards are typically used to fill out a deck or as a last resort when you don’t have enough mana to cast your spells.

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MTG, believe it or not, has a plethora of free-to-play cards. Continue reading to learn about 10 of MTG’s greatest 0 mana cards!

MTG’s Top 10 Best 0 Mana Cards

Lotus Field No. 1

Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

Black Lotus is known to everyone who knows anything about MTG (the rarest card there is). Perhaps the Black Lotus blooms in Lotus Field!

This card has no cost, is Hexproof, and comes into play tapped.

Lotus Field is tapped when it lands on the battlefield, and you must sacrifice two lands to use it.

This card gives you three mana of any color when you tap it! Clearly, it is deserving of the #1 position on our list of the greatest 0 mana cards available in MTG.

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2. Nykthos, Nyx’s Shrine

Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

Nykthos, Shrine of Nyx is another another of MTG’s finest 0 mana cards.

The land is Legendary, rare, and lets you can tap the card to add colorless mana to your pool.

You may tap this card and add mana of any color to your pool if you pay 2 colorless mana.

When you’re tapped for a mana color, you gain as much of that color’s mana as your devotion to it is.

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Tantalite (Mox)

Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

Mox Tantalite, a rare artifact, is a classic among the finest 0 Mana cards MTG has to offer.

Mox Tantalite enables you to tap the card to gain one mana of any color.

If you choose, instead of casting this card directly to the battlefield, you may suspend it. That implies it may return to the game after being suspended for 1, 2, or 3 rounds.

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Ornithopter is the fourth kind of bird.

Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

Ornithopter is an Artifact Creature that requires no mana to cast.

This 0/2 flyer is a fantastic 0 mana card.

It can’t be countered by anything except creatures with Flying or Reach.

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Lotus Petal No. 5

Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

The Lotus Petal is another of MTG’s most famous finest 0 mana cards ever created and printed.

You may tap this Artifact card and sacrifice it to add a single mana of any color to your mana pool.

Lotus Petal’s ability must be used as a source of mana.

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Memnite, no. 6

Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

Memnite is an Artifact Construct Creature that is 1/1 in size.

The card is colorless, rare, and, of course, requires no mana to cast.

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7. Lotus with Jewels

Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

Jeweled Lotus is one of the finest 0 mana cards MTG has ever produced.

Have you noticed how almost every Lotus-related card in MTG is a complete jerk?

You may tap it, sacrifice it, and add three of any mana color to your pool with this one.

What’s the catch? You can only spend this mana to cast your leader.

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Lotus Bloom No. 8

Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

Lotus Bloom is another another Artifact that can be cast for free cost.

Lotus Bloom is a rare Artifact that enables you to tap it and sacrifice it in exchange for three mana of any color being added to your mana pool.

Lotus Bloom also has a Suspend 3-0 ability, allowing you to delay its appearance on the battlefield by up to three rounds.

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9. Rograkh, Rohgahh’s son

Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh is a 0/1 Legendary Creature with a red mana cost of 0 mana.

This Kobold Warrior is a rare creature.

Rohgrakh not only has no casting cost, but it also has First Strike, Menace, and Trample.

What’s the catch? Rohgrakh is a Partner in the firm. Before you may play him, you must have two Commanders on the field.

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10. Opal Mox

Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

Mox Opal is a mythic rare Legendary Artifact that might easily have ranked far higher on our list of the greatest 0 mana cards in Magic: the Gathering.

Metalcraft is present in this Legendary Artifact.

That means you may use it to contribute any color of mana to your mana pool. However, you can only use this ability if you hold three or more artifacts.

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Chrome Mox (#11)

Best 0 Mana Cards MTG

Chrome Mox is another rare Artifact that deserves to be included in our list of the greatest MTG 0 mana cards.

It has Imprint, which means you may remove a nonartifact from your hand, exile it, and copy its abilities to this card when it enters play.

Chrome Mox additionally has the potential to be tapped for one imprinted mana of any color.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MTG’s Best 0 Mana Cards

In MTG, how many 0 mana cards are there?

At the time of writing, there are 54 cards in the game that cost no mana. However, the actual quantity of 0 mana cards in MTG varies from year to year. There are a few more each time a new set of cards is published.

Is it Worth It to Play 0 Mana Cards?

0 mana cards are well worth the investment. They’re not just as excellent as other cards, but they’re also free! What makes you think they’re not worth it? They’re very useful if you’re experiencing trouble with mana.

In MTG, what is the best 0 mana card?

Due to its super-rare status, Black Lotus is most likely the greatest 0 mana card MTG has ever produced. Black Lotus has sold for as much as $50,000 in certain cases.

The mtg 0 cost creatures are a set of cards that have zero mana cost. They are generally used in decks with a low mana curve and can be very powerful when played at the right time.

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