The most common form of Magic cards are the foil cards. These cards are normally more expensive than their non-foil counterparts, but there is a way to get them for cheaper.

The mtg foil curling is a product that is designed to curl your hair. It is cheaper than the traditional way of curling with a curling iron.

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Have you ever puzzled why foil variants of the identical cards are less expensive than regular ones?

The beautiful and glossy MTG cards that glitter when you tilt them are known as foils. And, given how incredible they seem, you’d think they’d be more costly than the original ones, right? Wrong.

Continue reading to see why foils are less expensive than regular cards!

Why Are Foils Cheaper in MTG?

In MTG, foil cards used to be more valuable than they are now. Due to the millions of foils produced in Brawl Decks, they are now more prevalent than ever. Standard cards, on the other hand, are only available in booster packs and theme decks, making them much more uncommon than the now-overprinted foils.

Foils were formerly exclusively available in booster packs with each new expansion. Every box of booster packs, according to popular belief, included one mythic rare foil (over 200 packs of boosters). The price has decreased considerably after the introduction of Brawl Decks, when some theme decks began to include rare and mythic rare foils.

So, why are foils less expensive?

Take, for example, Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch:

MTG Why Are Foils Cheaper

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The cost of this basic card is estimated to be slightly around $2.00. We may infer that the foil version of the identical card costs approximately $1.00.

Another reason foils are less expensive:

MTG Why Are Foils Cheaper

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More foils are included in the new Commander theme decks than in the one seen above (which comes with 3 rare or mythic rare foils).

Because foils are so widely accessible, their costs are unlikely to rise again very soon.

Foils may be seen on a variety of cards

Foil cards in Magic the Gathering are available in a variety of formats, including creatures, instants, equipment, artifacts, sorceries, legendary monsters, planeswalkers, commanders, and more. They are also available in all card types: common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare.

What Are the Prices of MTG Foil Cards?

MTG Why Are Foils Cheaper

The cost of a foil card is determined by the card itself. Aside from the card’s attributes and abilities, the age of the card, its condition, and its legal status all play a role in deciding the price. Foils, on the other hand, cost around 50% less than the regular version of the identical card these days, as a general rule.

Are Foil Cards Allowed in MTG Tournaments?

In MTG tournaments and regular game play, foils are perfectly legal. However, many players choose to keep the card in its original form rather than displaying it in play. Foils are not precisely the same size as regular cards and may easily be damaged. If you wish to play with your cards, consider putting them in sleeves.

What Is It About Foil Cards That Makes Them So Special?

When foil cards originally debuted in MTG over a decade ago, they were intended to be unique collector’s cards. The cards have progressed beyond being just collectors. Many tournament players utilize them as showpieces in their decks. Some players may even play with just foils in their deck.

Which Foil Card is the Most Expensive?

It’s difficult to say which foil card is the most costly right now in all of the marketplaces. The majority of foil cards are half the price of their standard counterparts. If we had to identify a costly foil card, we’d go with Black Lotus (the regular card may sell for $20,000 or more, while the foil is $500).

Is There a Foil Version of Every MTG Card?

There are no foil versions of any MTG cards. The game had already been around for a decade when they were released. Furthermore, during the first ten or eleven years that foils were available, they were printed at a 1:67 standard printed card ratio (approximately). They’ve been produced in a ratio closer to 1:45 since 2024.

The secret lair foil curling is a product that seems to be very popular among Magic: The Gathering players. It is often sold at a lower price than the other foils and people seem to like it for its unique design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are foil MTG cards worth more?

Foil cards are worth more than their non-foil counterparts. This is because the foil cards are easier to see, and they also have a shiny sheen that make them look better.

Why are promo pack cards cheaper?

Promo cards are cheaper because they are sold in smaller quantities.

Why do Mtg foils curl?

The foil is made out of a thin metal that gets bent when it is heated.

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