The Secretlab Magnus desk is manufactured with resin composite material, which makes this product stronger and more durable than wood. This is a very unique desk as it features a cubicle partition, which is a very cool feature. The desk comes in two different colors, black and white. It also comes with a sleek desktop, which makes it look more vibrant.

The desk has a nice finish, which means that it will last for a long time. The desk has a very compact design, so you can fit a lot of things on it. The design is very sleek and looks great in a small office. It is also easy to assemble as the instructions are very clear.

The Magnus Desk is a workstation that is designed to be used at home or pretty much anywhere. It weighs around 20lbs, but it can be easily carried by a few people who shift the box and other parts of the desk to different rooms.

The Magnus Desk can be used for a variety of purposes such as writing, drawing, and playing. It is created with a strong, solid and strong frame that is made of steel for structural stability and clear acrylic glass for it to be transparent.


The first thing you notice about the Magnus table is the typical Secretlab player aesthetic. This type of design immediately limits the number of people who might be interested, but for those who love tabletop gaming, this is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The all-black model is elegant and I really like it. The special spice comes from the embossed Secretlab logos, the red accents on the legs and the red stitching on the MAGPAD. One of the main advantages of this desk is the illusion of floating when the desk appears to be floating, which really gives Magnus a unique look.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

Overall, the table can be considered standard, and its dimensions are not uncommon either. The largest 1500 mm (1.5 m) version is shown here, but Secretlab also sells a 1200 mm (1.2 m) version. If you don’t have much room or just don’t need big tables, you can use the cheaper 1.2m model. Nevertheless, the 1.2 and 1.5 m versions have the same width of 700 mm and height of 735 mm, with 720 mm of legroom, which can easily fit a whole tower.

The 1.5 m table considered here weighed about 53 kg with packaging and about 41 kg without packaging. The smallest version only weighs 35kg, so it’s unlikely you’ll need help setting up the 1.2m model, but I’d still recommend having a second pair of hands.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

Although this height is sufficient for most, it can be increased by a further 20 mm. Each leg must be manually unfolded, but this feature is critical to the overall design and gives the product more flexibility for the various users who may purchase it. Each leg has measurement indicators so you can accurately lift the table. However, if you play on an uneven surface, such as. B. If there is a carpet halfway under the table, you can adjust the legs so that the table is level.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC


The table is simple but very functional and sturdy, as you would expect for such a price, since most parts are made of metal. The main concept of the Magnus table is of course its magnetism: Any additional features are drawn to the table in a very pleasant way. It looks like the powder-coated finish is and fairly durable, but without MAGPAD you can probably expect the same wear and tear as other tables. While it’s not recommended to buy a desk without accessories, you still get a nice, well-designed package, and the built-in cable management tray is a big plus.

The Secretlab Magnus base is supplied in kit form:

  • Cable tray
  • Cable tray cover
  • Free Secretlab MAGPAD desk pad – Signature Stealth Edition (introductory offer)

Cable management

As you can see above, the basic product comes with a cable tray as it is technically part of the table itself. The drawer is hidden in the back and is only visible from the back, which for most people is probably against the wall.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

The top is accessed via a hinged top cover, made from the same materials as the rest of the worktop, with a slightly beveled edge and engraved markings. The hinges are strong and stiff enough to hold the lid upright when opened from the inside. The second access to the shelf is from the bottom of the front panel, through the magnetic flap. A small magnetic cover can provide alternative access to the power strip, allowing you to quickly change outlets if needed.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

Secretlab MAGPADCoaster

As part of the startup promotion, you’ll receive the MAGPAD for free with the Magnus desk, and in case you hadn’t guessed, it’s magnetic! I wish I could say that MAGPAD is an area where you could potentially save money if it was no longer offered, but I’d lie, it’s great. If you don’t follow Secretlabs’ instructions for rolling out MAGPAD, it can be difficult to spread it quickly and evenly over the surface, but following these instructions is pretty easy.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

MAGPAD covers the entire main segment of the Magnus table and measures approximately 1485 mm x 585 mm. MAGPAD comes with two magnetic tips that slide into the mat and, together with several magnets scattered throughout the mat, provide a firm grip on the table.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

The MAGPAD can easily be used as a mouse pad, but is significantly less slippery than standard fabric mats, so those who need the consistency of a mouse will still want a mouse pad on it. The cover has the same branding as the Secretlab Titan chairs, with red stitching on the edges. If you are considering buying a table, I would say this is an essential extra option, you will not be disappointed, plus it protects the surface from the inevitable wear and tear.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

Cable management kit

The best addition to the Magnus table is the wiring harness, the second essential item if you are considering purchasing this table. It includes a set of three magnetic anchors that are not only very cool, but also very functional and perfect for keeping charging cables handy and ready to use.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

Another clever addition to the set is a set of two cable sleeves, which are also magnetic and can be easily attached to the table legs to hide power cords that need to be routed to the nearest electrical outlet. Finally, Secretlab has added Velcro strips to store the cables in the control compartment.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

The whole is not only very functional, but also very aesthetic.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

Magnetic bumpers

Magnetic bumpers are another option from Magnus. We received a pack of four, which are rubberized on the outside so they can be magnetically attached to table legs and not rub against the nearest wall.

MAGRGB broadcast RGB band

The last addition we got was an impressively bright RGB band. This strip dissolves into two parts and creates an iridescent sparkle on the back of the table. I must say it works very well in a dark room, but this is an area where many may want to save money. In theory, you could get the same effect with a much cheaper product, but this product has powerful magnets built in that make it break easily.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

Unfortunately, if you orient the RGB ribbon correctly, assuming your PC is positioned to the right so you can see through the tempered glass, the USB power connector that powers the ribbon does not reach the PC. You could possibly connect it to a monitor or USB hub, or, as I did, plug in a USB so it’s not a problem, but it’s worth checking.

Secretlab Magnus Desk Review | WePC

The RGB strip comes with a small remote control that allows you to change the effects, switch to a solid color or turn the strip off completely.

What are the other benefits of Secretlab’s Magnus desktop?

Taking the example of Secretlab’s chairs, it would not be crazy to think that this table could be decorated in different colors. You can currently purchase several MANPADS other than the Signature Stealth shown here, albeit under the esports organization’s brand, but at least it shows what customization options are available in the future.

The final addition is something we didn’t get, but we recommend it if you hate leaving your headphones on your desk – a magnetic headphone holder. Like everything else, the bracket mounts where you want it to, ensuring that your helmet is securely and permanently attached.

Concluding remarks

The gaming table market is now well established, but most do not offer nearly the same level of functionality and quality as the Magnus. For those looking for a clean gaming table and don’t need a table with standing function, the Magnus is an excellent, albeit expensive, option.

Note that it is advisable to purchase a MAGPAD and a cable management kit, otherwise it is just a table with a drawer. One small downside is the slight wobble which honestly disappears when a PC and monitor are placed on it, but for this price it may not be as stable as you would like.

The Magnus is not only beautiful, it also comes with some great little extras that could make it the best console on the market. This table exudes quality, the magnet concept is very innovative and the cable management is simplified – a great gaming table.

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