If you are searching for a good desk chair, you can find one at many places. The fact is that most of the chairs are not very comfortable. We have reviewed some of the popular chairs and the results were really shocking.

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SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair review & top 3 best alternatives

The first desk chair you buy is very likely to be the chair you use all day every day, so it’s important to pick a chair that’s comfortable, adjustable, and durable. If possible, we’d recommend taking a seat in the chair for a few days before you make your purchase, so you can see how your body moves in the chair as well as the height of the chair

. But that’s not always possible, especially if you’ll be ordering online. That’s why we’ve found three stylish, comfortable, and portable desk chairs that are perfect for the home or office.

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair Review & Top 3 Best Alternatives

A Herman Miller chair is often likened to the SIDIZ T50. Some refer to it as an Aeron’s low-cost alternative. Is it possible that a chair as inexpensive as the SIDIZ T50 may be as comfy as a high-end Herman Miller chair?

There’s no better way to find out than to sit in the chair for a while. It’s wonderful to see an office chair that is almost identical to a Herman Miller chair. We are hopeful that everything will work out.

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair — Takes just 10 minutes to construct

We were able to put the chair together in under 10 minutes. But if you are going to install the chair yourself, you will find the seat pan rather heavy. You can still go about it, you just need a desk or any solid surface where you can rest the seat pan while you connect the legs and the other parts of the chair. But if you are not used to lifting heavy objects, it’s best to ask for help.

Despite the fact that we like the heftiness of it. It denotes that the chair is sturdy and long-lasting. We didn’t mind flexing a few muscles as a result. There were no issues with the setup since it was simple and uncomplicated.

Adjustability and ergonomics

As previously said, this chair is often matched against an Aeron. The same may be said about us. With a few exceptions (which we’ll discuss later), it’s essentially a less expensive version of the premium Herman Miller Aeron.

The ergonomic and customizable features of the SIDIZ T50 chair are many. Take a look at our in-depth study below.

The seat

The seat width of the T50 is 18.5 inches. For a broad variety of users, this is very comfortable. Many individuals will find this chair to be spacious and comfy. It doesn’t feel claustrophobic or restricted.

In terms of cushion comfort, it falls between between firm and plush. The cushion is approximately 2 inches thick and is upholstered in a nice fabric. We think the cushion is big enough to keep your butt comfortable.

However, individuals who are used to luxurious comfort from the likes of a Serta executive chair would be disappointed. However, it is less firm than the Aeron’s mesh seat. So, if you want the benefits of the Aeron but don’t like the mesh seat, this might be a good option.

The cushion and cloth upholstery, on the other hand, aren’t as breathable as the Aeron’s. As a result, it will not be able to offer much comfort during the scorching summer months. The good news is that you may order the SIDIIZ with the mesh seat ahead of time. The T50 is available with a mesh seat dubbed the AIR from the brand. So, if you’re a heavy sweater, this is the way to go.

When it comes to seat height, this chair may be adjusted to a broad variety of heights. It may range in size from 15 to 19 inches. As a result, it may be adjusted lower and higher than other mid-priced office chairs. As a result, it has a broader user base.

The adjustable seat depth is another feature that you’ll like. Only a few office chairs offer this feature, with Steelcase and Herman Miller chairs being the most common.

If you have longer legs, an adjustable seat depth allows you to select the most comfortable posture.

The SIDIZ T50’s seat has a plethora of adjustment options. Aside from the options listed above, you may tilt and recline the seat to one of five set positions. It also has a seat pan tilt, which allows you to move the seat forward.

We, on the other hand, do not believe this functionality is necessary. However, if you practice active sitting, you’ll find it useful. This may also be useful if you’re working on a lower table. Otherwise, you may find it unsettling.

The chair’s backrest

A mesh backrest is included on the SIDIZ T50. You may also add a neck or headrest to your setup.

The backrest’s mesh material is robust and seems to be long-lasting. It’s the kind of mesh that doesn’t droop or loosen easily, even after years of usage. When you sit on the chair, you’ll notice how robust and aggressive the mesh is. It’s as though someone is forcing you to stand up.

However, when you sit on the chair for extended periods of time, the hard comfort starts to soften. After then, you’ll notice that the S-Shaped backrest is becoming more fluid.

As a result, there is a break-in time for the SIDIZ T50 backrest. When you first sit down on the chair, you will not immediately feel at ease. Many people may find it excessively hard and abrasive. If you’re hoping for a more cushy La-Z-Boy-like comfort, this isn’t the chair for you. But it worked for us, particularly when we had to work longer hours.

The height and depth of the lumbar support may also be changed. As a result, you may choose how far forward you want your back to be pushed. We found this to be less taxing than the Aeron’s lumbar support.

Aeron is like a stern teacher that gives no wiggle room, lol. With the SIDIZ T50, we felt we had the choice of accepting or rejecting demanding lumbar support. As a result, most individuals will prefer this, particularly those who do not want to be forced to sit upright all of the time, even if it is healthy for them.


The armrests are not four-way adjustable, and they cannot be made wider. You may, however, move it up and down, left and right, and in and out. So, although it isn’t as ergonomic as other Herman Miller chairs, it will serve if you don’t need more waist space.

Rest for the head and neck

You can even buy one with a headrest if you choose the T50. However, we do not recommend upgrading to one. For us, it seems a little fragile. And, in comparison to the rest of the chair, it looked a little out of place. Except for the headrest, all of the chair’s fittings, knobs, levers, and components seem robust and solid.

When we rested our neck against it, it didn’t feel as comforting as you’d expect from a headrest. As a result, it’s preferable to purchase the chair without it. That will be an additional fee.

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair OVERALL

  1. The chair has a lot of adjustable options, which we like. It enables you to utilize the chair for practically any task. We utilized it for computer work, viewing and relaxing, and just taking a break after a long day at work. The tilt, recline, and seat depth all worked together to make this chair very comfy. The SIDIZ T50 will be extremely comfy for a lot of individuals.
  2. There are several improvements that might have been done to the SIDIZ T50 to make it more high-end or ergonomic. The seat may be adjusted in a variety of ways, and there are many tilt choices, however there is no synchro-tilt system.

This is where you can adjust the seat separately from the tilt, which most high-end chairs feature. If you want a SIDIZ office chair but require this function, the SIDIZ T80 is a good option. It is almost identical to the T50 in terms of characteristics. We’ll go into more detail about it later.

  1. For many users, this is a very comfy chair. Almost everyone will find this to be relaxing. Unless you’re seeking for luxurious comfort, that is.
  2. This chair has a really classy appearance about it. Its simplicity and elegant appearance will also appeal to the younger generation.
  3. On hard surfaces, the chair’s wheels spin wildly. There doesn’t seem to be a stopper, or the wheels are just too slick. It’ll look best on carpeted floors. Alternatively, you may use a floor mat to keep it from slipping. Yes, even if you’re sitting on it, it may still slip.

Alternatives to this office chair’s top three

The SIDIZ T50 is likely to check all of the boxes on most people’s wish lists. However, if it doesn’t, here are some options.


SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair Review & Top 3 Best Alternatives
Source: ito-design.com

As previously stated, this chair has almost identical characteristics as the SIDIZ T50. However, it is more of a T50 improvement.

The T80 is larger and features a synchro-tilt mechanism. It has a more spacious seat and a taller backrest. In addition, the headrest is included in the original purchase. If you want to use the chair for gaming, the T80 is a better option than the T50 since it has a synchro-tilt mechanism.

Elusion of Alera

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair Review & Top 3 Best Alternatives
Source: made-in-china.com

A versatile tilt mechanism is included with the Alera Elusion office. As with the SIDIZ T50, this office chair is extremely comfortable for a variety of jobs. One of the restrictions is that the armrests can only be adjusted up and down. It also seems to be less refined.

In addition, this chair lacks lumbar support and has a lower backrest. As a result, taller users will be unable to utilize it.

However, if you’re searching for something less expensive than the SIDIZ T50, it’s a fantastic option. The Alera Elusion has the same comfort and adjustability as the Alera Elusion, but without the lumbar support. As a result, it may be suitable for individuals who already have a more upright posture.

Office chair from the RIMIKING Store

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair Review & Top 3 Best Alternatives
Source: wayfair.com

This chair is one-of-a-kind and very lovely in our opinion. This chair is made entirely of mesh and is thus more breathable than the SIDIZ T50. It features an useful lumbar support that allows it to be used for a variety of activities.

Because of the all-mesh material, the chair may be firmer. The RIMIKING office chair, on the other hand, is a fantastic option if you want a headrest that works better than the SIDIZ T50.

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair review & top 3 best alternatives  SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair is a new entry level office chair that promises to offer fantastic comfort and ergonomic features. Let’s see the reviews and test results of this new product.. Read more about sidiz t50 singapore and let us know what you think.

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What is the most comfortable chair for home office?

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